Ivy Park Fall/Winter 2016

Beyoncé’s athleisure line caused a buzz with its debut earlier this year, now the musician has released a collection for the colder season. There are an infinite amount of crop tops, sweatshirt crop tops, turtleneck crop tops, crop tops with cut outs in the back and much more versions of the silhouette. Almost everything in the collection is stamped with the simple Ivy Park logo. Just as there are many versions of crop tops there are also different kinds of leggings, there are ankle length, capri and a short cycling silhouette. These different silhouettes of crop tops and leggings shows that Beyoncé is catering to different body types, displaying that just like there are endless options of crop tops and leggings there are also infinite body types that may prefer a fitted look and ones that would prefer a looser one. The use of denim on a jumpsuit, sweatshirt and sweatpants suggest that maybe Bey herself is over the clingy fabrics usually used, as well as a nice way for transitioning from gym to street. There is also a use of metallic silver, like the puffer jacket that is definitely a stand out of the range. It can thrown over a dress, jeans or even the Ivy Park wet suit for a night out. The sporty basics get a modern interpretation with camp print and color blocking, and although the pieces might not be the usual after-spin-class-brunch attire, they certainly are for that girl willing to make a statement at brunch, the oversized puffer jackets say enough.

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Hermés Taps Into Skateboarding To Showcase Their Maxi-Twilly Scarves

Skateboarding has been a repeated source of inspiration for fashion. The lifestyle sport is currently having a trending moment. Hermés has been synonymous with luxury and sophistication, so to present the Maxi-Twilly, a new series of pure silk scarves in different versions, the Parisan brand went with the freshness skateboarding always brings to fashion. In the campaign video two girls wearing the iconic scarf on their heads, wrists, neck and shoulders, in their own free and stylish way, perform their skating tricks, exuding a lot of fun. The printed graphics also flow throughout the video, when you pay close attention you can notice the details from the brand on the skate decks and the girls slip ons. Hermés is one of the most iconic and classic fashion houses, by using the skater theme in the advert for the Maxi-Twilly scarves, they’re letting the consumer know that the brand can be young and cool, also inviting a completely new customer. 


Adidas’ New Z.N.E Line

Athleisure continues to be a strong trend of the moment. adidas has brought the worlds of streetwear, performance gear and fashion together, with the Ultra Boost and NMD silhouettes, and on a larger scale the Kanye West collaboration. The brand’s latest line Z.N.E, fuses urban athletic style with a sports core. The line is designed using insight from professional athletes and their preparation activities, fusing lifestyle features into the creation of the collection. The collection features hoodies, zip jackets and track pants in different color-ways.The white color-way with black branding is clean and streamlined. Premium breathable fabrics are used to highten the design and performance of the pieces.

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 4.16.08 PM Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 4.16.52 PM Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 4.17.01 PM adidas-zne-collection-4 adidas-zne-collection-1 000257gok 000306ek3 adidas-zne-collection-5


Aimé Leon Dore Fall/Winter 2016

For their fall/winter 2016 collection New York City based brand Aimé leon Dore sourced materials from Japan. The collection was constructed in NYC using Japanese fabrics, offering sweaters, hoodies, double breasted jackets, coach jackets, bombers, windbreakers and top coats. Stand outs include pleated pants, the grey sherpa bomber and the lined windbreaker. The collection, especially the outwear are New York City winter ready. Although the silhouettes are classic they are modernized by the colors and materials, like the green over coat, or the bombers made out of sherpa and the windbreaker jackets, the outerwear have a cozy presence. Included alongside the collection pieces is Aimé Leon Dore’s self-styled Uniform program, which is a range of sweats made from heavy Made in Canada french terry fleece, with golden embroidered branding. The Uniform pieces are a nice off duty, comfy, yet stylish selection, that include, hoodies and crewnecks with the gold branding, long sleeve waffle pocket thermals and camper pants. 

aime-leon-dore-2016-fall-winter-collection-25-640x960 aime-leon-dore-2016-fall-winter-collection-20-640x960 aime-leon-dore-fw16-1-800x1200-420x630 aime-leon-dore-2016-fall-winter-collection-13 aime-leon-dore-fw-2016-05_o1gumf aime-leon-dore-fw16-3-800x1200-420x630 aime-leon-dore-2016-fall-winter-collection-3

Restock Of The Fenty PUMA By Rhianna Creepers

The Fenty Creepers were the first product of the partnership between Rhianna and PUMA. Since its debut the silhouette has become a must have and continues to sell out. For those that couldn’t get their hands on the initial release, there will be a restock of the OG color-ways at the end of the month at rime. Stay Tuned.


Fenty PUMA By Rhianna At Rime Is Bringing Customers From All Over.

The Fenty PUMA collection is going fast at rime and it drawing in fans and fashion enthusiasts from everywhere. Below is a L.A native and happy customer picking up some Fenty goodies. Stop by and see whats left,but if you can’t find the chance head here to check out what we have available.


Publish Brand Fall 2016

The brand know for their jogger silhouette seem to have evolved their pant silhouettes for the second delivery for fall. The drop features outerwear, woven shirts, knits and tees. Pants are loose and cropped, in solid colors as well as speckled sweat pant ,material, there’s also a trip black and white print. Plaid red takes over long sleeve crewnecks, as woven button ups have a mature, sophisticated vibe. Stand outs of the collection are the brown (almost tribal) printed moto-cut jacket and  the new silhouette of a coated nylon hooded raglan anorak.

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Lazy Oaf Winter 2016

Lazy Oaf is a London based brand that usually utilizes a lot of bold, vibrant colors in their collections. For their Winter 2016 collection titled, Not Now, the brand went to Brooklyn to capture the relaxed styles of the collection, using Brooklyn’s surroundings to tighten the attitude of the pieces. The collection is more toned down then their previous offerings, focusing on subtle details and cynical slogans securing the theme of apathetic angst. Each piece has been heightened by the fine details in construction and material. The range offers cozy, elongated fits, headwear and accessories. Stand outs include the blue and orange college inspired crewneck with a tiger on the front and the words go slow, color blocked button down, cap with the signature Lazy Oaf eyes on the front and the olive utility jacket with the words “Don’t cut your hair. Don’t get a real job.” printed on the back. The pieces are relaxed, effortless and street ready.

lazyoaf1 lazyoaf2 lazyoaf3 lazyoaf4 lazyoaf5 lazyoaf6 lazyoaf7 lazyoaf8 lazyoaf9 lazyoaf10 lazy-oaf-2016-fall-winter-collection-8edited lazy-oaf-2016-fall-winter-collection-10edited

Adidas Originals Regista Fall/Winter 2016 Part 2

adidas Originals part 2 of their Regista collection has the same inspiration elements as the first. The street, sport and fashion influences shine throughout the monochromatic pieces.The contemporary collection features innovative fabrics, designs and technical elements, while taking a minimalist cue from adidas’ Freizeit collection from the ’70s. The Register sub-brand takes iconic pieces and gives them a modern twist, including a minimalist rendition of the staple Bandleader shoe, a rugged outdoor style boot. The collection is about clean, minimalist construction that is designed for the outdoors, while still having a sleek and effortless look. Pieces include laser-cut and 3D technologies, pushing the envelope with innovative designs Each piece is a stand out, and fits directly into the current athliesure trend.

adidas-originals-reveals-part-ii-of-its-fallwinter-2016-regista-collection-3-1170x780 adidas-originals-reveals-part-ii-of-its-fallwinter-2016-regista-collection-1-1170x780 adidas-originals-reveals-part-ii-of-its-fallwinter-2016-regista-collection-2-1170x780 adidas-originals-reveals-part-ii-of-its-fallwinter-2016-regista-collection-4-1170x780

MISBHV Spring/Summer 2017

Polish brand MISBHV, designed by Natalia Maczek, have released collections in the past, but the brand had their New York fashion week debut this season. The collection, called Objects Of Desire, stays true to MISBHV’s post-soviet aesthetics. There was a 90′s underground club feel in the collection, exaggerated silhouettes heightened and focused on the streetwear element of the pieces. With brands like Vetements and Gosha Rubchinskiy tapping into the disheveled look of former Soviet countries, MISBHV seems to have a place at their table, but MISBHV showed a different perspective, of happier times, innocent times of underground teenage discos, pop music and bad boys on bikes. The brand combined all those aspects, resulting in a flirtatious take on moot-gear. Oversized leather biker jackets were worn with fluid lurex pants that had utility pockets at the bottom and a rock concert sweatshirt was paired with grommet embellished trousers that had slits on the legs, these are examples of how Maczek combined all the inspirations. Denim was used throughout, but it was the baggy overalls with the matching cropped jacket that stood out. Other stand outs include the cream coat with red at the hems of the sleeves, showing that although the brand might be rooted in streetwear that it definitely has a luxury undertone. Other stand outs include the pieces that were inspired by Maczek’s love of pop music, like the black leather cargo pants that hung low on the hip bones of the model, reminiscent of  Britney Spears, there was also the pink transparent slip dress with rhinestone detailing that screamed 90′s pop princess. The collection was filled with many inspirations that Maczek effortlessly brought together.

misbhv-2017-spring-summer-object-of-desire-lookbook-6 04-misbhv-300x450 misbhv-nyfw-spring-2017-20-620x413 misbhv-2017-spring-summer-object-of-desire-lookbook-8 07-misbhv ecfc

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