Vashtie X Puma Fall 2015

After just recently releasing their capsule collection right before summer, the duo has just announced their second collection, set to release in the fall. Like the previous collection, this one uses two puma sneaker silhouettes, the R698 and the States. The R698  is updated with a metallic gold effect. The States has a more playful feel, incorporating bold tones, textiles and their placements. The apparel have a merge of inspirations—soccer with a 90s hip-hop, streetwear culture twist. The Collections lookbook was shot in India and showcases the collections printed leggings, sweatshirts, and athletic inspired tees.


Phil Knight Takes A Step Down At Nike

Phil Knight started Nike in 1964 out of the back of his car. The billionaire announced that he will be stepping away from his chairman duties at the sporting brand. Knight ran track in college, so the move to sporting brand entrepreneur seems like a natural one. He took the items he sold from his car and eventually turned into a marketing-campaign-powerhouse, with endorsers like Jordan. This made the brand’s logo, the swoosh, recognizable globally—the sports brand continues to dress athletes around the world. Although the announcement has already been  made, Nike won’t be naming a new chairman until 2016.  Knight will pull back from what he says, “more than a company—it has been my life’s passion.” He built the brand through in-your-face advertising, which prompt Forbes to name Nike the “most valuable sports brand in the world.” So what’s the future looking like for Nike?!



WBW: Givenchy’s Girls Steal The Menswear Show

Many would say Ricardo Tisci had a hand in creating the trend of high-end meets street-wear, with the french brand Givenchy. We’ve seen him pair the iconic rotweiller sweatshirts with flower-lace skirts, this sort of look seems to be his innate aesthetic as a designer. At his latest menswear showing that aesthetic was alive and well, especially in the menswear looks. But the handful of womenswear looks stole the show—evoking a sense of sultriness on many different spectrums, from the slanted eyeliner, to see-through lace and Bianca Jagger-esque sparkly power suits. The collection was inspired by incarceration, the female looks of the collection were to depict the beauties taped to the walls of inmates. With thigh-high boots, see-through-lace and feathered goodness, the looks are very pin-up. Naomi Campbell closed the show in a tiny bikini, sparkly pinstripe blazer and a necklace that resembled a jail key, proving that she’s the Bonnie every Clyde is fantasizing about.

Paris Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 - Givenchy - Catwalk _MON0209 _MON0540 _MON0703 _MON0932 Paris Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 - Givenchy - Catwalk _MON0188 _MON1100 Paris Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 - Givenchy - Catwalk

Nike Dunk High CMFT Red October

The Red Octobers release might have been overlooked by the release of the Yeezy Boost 350, coincidentally the Red Octobers takes some cues from the Nike Air Yeezy 2. The Red Octobers feature details and materials similar to the Yeezys. The suede sneaker is draped in all red and sided, with a textured, star-embossed detail at the ankles. The matching laces and tonal sole finishes off the Red Octobers. Currently available at RIME East. Nike-Dunk-High-CMFT-PRM-2 Nike-Dunk-High-CMFT-PRM-3 Nike-Dunk-High-CMFT-PRM-1 Nike-Dunk-High-CMFT-PRM--681x398

The Diamond

The collaboration between RIME and Reebok, the Diamond Ventilators, has had a successful launch since its release last week. The sneaker is exclusively sold at RIME until July 2nd, then it will be available everywhere. Sportswear International has done a write up on the collaboration, for more on the She Certified series by Reebok and how the Diamond Ventilators came about check out the write up here.


RIME’s Diamond Ventilators

After a successful release party The Diamond Ventilators are officially here. You can come in and pick up a pair at either locations or order em up like a piece of pizza at RIME Online IMG_7525 IMG_7527

Hood By Air Spring 2016

Hood By Air, designed by Shayne Oliver, tends to usually blur the lines of gender and seems to be the must have in street wear style, but the Spring 2016 collection was underwhelming. The splicing on some of the garments seemed unnecessary. His hand in feminizing the way the clothes are cut is very interesting,  like the drop shouldered pleated top paired with zippered trousers—just not sure if many men will be walking down the streets wearing it. Although some of the clothes could be considered unwearable, what HBA does well are their logo branding stuff, like the white turtleneck in the lightweight material with the brand’s logo on the front, which is very unisex. The jeans with the branding at the crotch—an unusual place to have a logo, but it works—were the standouts. The denim looks were the most wearable pieces, and although that was a tiny bit of the collection the rest were definitely pieces to be admired, with their intricate draping and cut, the clothes take on a personality of their own and  don’t need the extra-ness of mouth retractors.

Hood by Air Men's RTW Spring 2016 Hood by Air Men's RTW Spring 2016 Hood by Air Men's RTW Spring 2016 Hood by Air Men's RTW Spring 2016 Hood by Air Men's RTW Spring 2016 Hood by Air Men's RTW Spring 2016

Vans X Murakami

 Vault by Vans have teamed up with Takashi Murakami for a capsule collection. Murakami is known for his off kilter character-based artworks, that often incorporates traditional Japanese aesthetics. And now his work will be plastered all over the Vans silhouette. Each sneaker is in that signature vibrant Murakami print. To round out the collection there are Tee shirts and Skate decks as well.

vault-by-vans-takashi-murakami-collection-006-960x640 vault-by-vans-takashi-murakami-collection-005-960x640 vault-by-vans-takashi-murakami-collection-004-960x640 vault-by-vans-takashi-murakami-collection-003-960x640

Diamond Ventilators Release Party

Last week bottles were popped and the music was happening at the RIME Brooklyn location to celebrate the release of the Diamond Ventilators. The collaboration between RIME and Reebok is the first in Reebok’s She’s Certified series. IMG_6577 IMG_7544 IMG_5379 ventilators ventilators2

It’s The Moment Of LGBTQ

So there is no more Gay Marriage, just Marriage. But Vogue seems to not be so progressive. Although the article with Cara Delevigne was written before the monumental law by the supreme court was made, some of us still holds the fashion magazine to high progressive standards. Cara has always allowed the public into her life through her Instagram and Twitter. In the more recent issue, with Cara as the cover star, the model opens up to Vogue’s Rob Haskell in a sit down, about her sexuality. Although it was and should be praised for it’s candor, it is now receiving some flack for the writer’s choice of words. Confessing that she felt confused about her sexuality since she was a child, she said that it took a while to get used to the idea that she might fall in love with a female, until she fell in love with a girl when she was twenty. Her parents seem to think this is a phase in her life, and this is where the magazine goes wrong, agreeing with it; “Her parents seem to think girls are just a phase for Cara, and they may be correct.” What this sentence creates is that it suggests that being LGBTQ as just an experimental phrase, instead of taking Cara’s word that it’s just her. And praising her for her openness and maybe even holding her up as a role model for the LGBTQ community for the younger generation who may have felt and feel the same way Cara did. It’s sort of a surprise that Vogue had an oversight to such a phrase, seeing that the magazine employs gay photographers, designers and so forth. But all that aside here’s to Cara’s honesty, which makes bigger strides for the LGBTQ community in the fashion industry.


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