Supreme’s Scarface Collection

Supreme’s highly anticipated Scarface collection is set to release this week. Supreme has a knack for embracing 90′s hip-hop and street culture and bringing it into a contemporary space, and they do that seamlessly with The Scarface collection and staying very Supreme. The capsule collection includes a leather jacket, sweater, hockey jersey, two hooded sweatshirts, four graphic tees, a beanie, two skateboard decks and a desk lamp. The pieces, dedicated to the classic film, use slightly edited imagery taken directly from the film or iconic quotes that fans will recognize. Much like the scarface leather jackets and t-shirts that dominated the streets of New York City in the 90s, Al Pacino is present throughout, highlighting the inspiration, while the lamp is a very Supreme item.Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 4.19.52 PM Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 4.19.39 PM Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 4.20.04 PM bbkC97E_Bzo vUeH-MssvJY MeYTHpwNifM http---hypebeast.com-image-2017-10-supreme-scarface-2017-fall-winter-collection-15


Supreme Fall/Winter 2016

Supreme knows how to get their consumers out on the sidewalks in hoards, anticipating the opening of the shop doors to get their hands on a piece of their latest collection. For the upcoming season the NYC brand shows its strength in their outerwear, including a Supreme X Champion collaboration. The collection consists of the usual, hoodies and tees, but it also includes novelty lifestyle essentials that aren’t so practical, like a motorbike helmet and a brick, also part of the lifestyle selection are portable speakers, a 24k gold seahorse pendant, a floodlight and a hot water bottle. What the collection features most is a vast selection of outerwear. Stand out pieces include a bright, lime-green shearling jacket, the peachy colored long parka lined with fleece, which is part of the Champion collaboration, a plaid overcoat and a color blocked quilted parka in black and pink. Unlike most fall/winter collections, the brand used vibrant colors instead of the usual neutral, muted colors reserved for winter. 

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Supreme Farse

Declaring that it was time to set “streetwear aside,” powerhouse, skate-brand, Supreme said Wednesday that they would temporarily stop campaigning the promotion of the third installment in their classic “Muppet Series” Tees and seek to delay Fridays release of the shirt in order to help with the economic crisis that is currently dominating the industry. The original asking price for the shirt was $700 billion, but come November people on the street are speculating that the tee can be had for a mere $10 bucks on Canal St.

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