TVW: Sh*t Sneakerheads Say

Every Thursday we’ll be posting a throwback video for your viewing or listening pleasure, ranging from our favorite 90′s musical selection to at home DIY’s to keep your kicks fresh.

This week we’re taking a step back into the monster montage that is “Sh*t _______ Say” focusing on our favorite topic: Sneakers! Consider yourself a sneakerhead? Then you’ve definitely been caught saying one or more of these phrases. Have anything to add? Comment below!

10 Biggest Sneakerhead Misconceptions – Kicks On Fire Post

I ran across this entertaining article a few weeks back on Kicks On Fire and have been meaning to share it with you. Check out a portion of the original post below and follow the link to read it in it’s entirety. Let me know your thoughts on the matter…

“The sneakerhead culture over recent years has made a major shift from what it used to be. With resellers, media coverage, publicized camping, and, unfortunately, murders, sneakerheads can get a bad wrap. Even with the new Lebron 10 releasing soon at an unprecedented $300+, sneakerheads continue to be the blunt of the joke for poor money management and prioritization skills. As a fellow sneakerhead, it seems unfair some of the labels that have been placed on the majority of the sneakerhead family. With that said, we wanted to take a look at some of the biggest misconceptions of sneakerheads and clear some things up.” Link

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