PUMA have enlisted a slew of pop stars since the great success their relationship with Rihanna has created. From Kylie Jenner to Big Sean the brand has opened their demographic. Highlighting the TSUGI category is The Weeknd, modeling the latest high-top silhouette in the category, the KORI. The KORI was inspired by the Blaze Of Glory silhouette. The modified sole of the KORI stands against the rougher elements, a high knitted sock collar aides in warmth, and in combination with the water repellent body, the TSUGI KORI is a nice addition to the closet for the colder months. These are currently available at rime locations.17AW_Social_FB_IG_SP_PUMA_Tsugi-Kori_1200x1200px_Content-Calendar_15-16September17AW_Social_IG_SP_PUMA_Tsugi-Kori_1080x1080px_Content-Calendar_17September