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In case you have been living indoors for the past two months it’s been damn cold here in NYC. Since we can’t do anything about the breeze we figured we could at least ease the pain and serve up our extremely warm selection of sweaters at 20% off the marked price. At those prices they also make great last minute gifts but at these temps I also feel it’s every man from himself.

Moncler Fall/Winter Collection

Fall/Winter Collection now available in-store.

Supply and Demand: Moncler S/S 10 2nd Drop

Moncler Polo Shirt / Red / $160.

Moncler Pocket Tee / Grey / $110.

Where’d You Get Those?

Our man Elliot Wilson (former editor of The Source, XXL, and Ego Trip magazines) was caught here with ?uestlove rocking a Moncler down, Ransom flannel, and a pair of Goldspun denim all from Rime. Good Looking, Elliot!

Supply and Demand: Moncler S/S 10

Moncler Gregoire Shirt Jacket / Navy / $695.

Moncler Down Vest / Red / $450.

Moncler Tonal Polo / Navy / $160 – Contrast Polo / Off White / $170

Moncler Baseball Cap / Red / $98.

Moncler Baseball Cap / Navy / $98.

“That is one crazy bird!”

Who is that girl with the champagne eyes and ridiculously good looking coat? One of our favorite customers, what’s who!

“Who Meeeeeeeee?”

Gift Idea #4: Don’t be stingy

Just a few left…

How Can I Be Down? – Sale

Moncler Sale -  20% off the regularly marked price / mens & women’s styles available / 3 days only / enough said.

Protect-Ya-Neck: Part Two

The secret of Moncler’s magic formula is Duvet, aka down, which means “feather” in French and comes primarily from aquatic birds raised in the South of Brittany and in Perigord. Here the climate and land, with it’s wealth of rivers and lakes, stimulates the production of the feathers by the animal allowing producers to certify the origin of the birds and follow the proper techniques for removing the down. Moncler uses about 220 grams for a man’s down jacket and and 160 grams for a woman’s down jacket. Down thus becomes one of the main components of the garment, and it’s quality determines the quality of the brand. Down is comprised of two elements. The first includes tufts and barbules: parts of the plumage taken from the stomach and below the wings of the birds. The second is plumules, similar to feathers but much smaller and softer. Moncler uses duvet neuf, down with four tufts, which the Ministry of Heath declares is the best quality on the market. In fact, the composition percentage determines its puffiness and thermal insulation, which accounts for 85 percent of the garment’s insulating power and unique lightness. Over fifty years of experience in handling down has allowed Moncler to establish specific coefficients for garments with a mathematically precise ratio between the square centimeters of surface area of the garment and the down contained in it. Basically what all of this boils down to is if you find yourself lost in the harsh arctic landscape of the planet Holth and there is a storm a brewing, this jacket will spare you from having to cut open your Tonton and climb inside it in order to save your hide!


Over the years Moncler began shifting from a well-respected French outerwear company into an international fashion powerhouse, a transformation that began in the 1980 with a collaboration with designer Chantel Thomas that lasted up until 1989. Continuing the transformation, in 1999 the first spring/summer collection was presented, and in 2002, for the brands fiftieth anniversary, a couture collection was presented. Then in 2003, a love of challenges prompted Como-based entrepreneur Remo Ruffini to take over the Moncler brand, of which he is now the creative director. His main strategy was to launch a global quilted jacket for all occasions, retracing the brand’s history and returning to the roots of the Grenoble-born quilted jacket whilst giving it a new fit. The dream for the future proved to be the perfect equation: Moncler equals quilted jackets, and quilted jackets equal Moncler.

Protect-Ya-Neck: Part One

Folks, let’s talk protection…from the elements that is. Moncler is a famous name that should be familiar to anyone who loves the outdoors or is simply in need of the best protection from Mother Nature, but few know that the name is an abbreviation of Monestier de Clermont, a place near Gernoble, where in 1952 René Ramillon and André Vincent founded what would become one of the most famous companies in the Outdoor industry. Ramillon was the best known manufacturer of mountain equipment in the city, who’s innovative talents were demonstrated by the dozens of patents he acquired. Over the years, the much loved professional quality of Moncler’s products had been perfected with the help of mountain climbers, the French Army and alpine skiers such as Lionel Terray.


The first time down was utilized in jacket form was in 1952 for factory workers in France who wore them over their overalls inside the plant during the coldest months of the year. They probably looked more like blue boxes than clothes in those days, but not to Lionel Terray. He had just returned from an expedition in Canada, and the goose down-filled jackets must have seemed like the ideal solution to someone who had been driven to the frigid limit in the pursuit of extreme conquests.


Moncler and Terray’s experiments were continually tested and perfected in the field. In 1954 the brand’s down-jackets were were chosen to equip the Italian Karakorum expedition, which culminated with the conquest of the second highest peak on Earth. They became the official supplier of the French national alpine skiing team, who participated in the 1968 Winter Olympics. Moncler even changed their logo for this special occasion to the little rooster they are recognized for today. Further developments occurred in 1972 when the French team asked for a decisive change from the double-down jackets to a single garment that would be easier to wear but still suitable for the harsh temperatures of the high mountains. This lighter, more manageable garment helped warm the muscles before races and, in essence, became the current Moncler down jacket.

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