Jansport Backpacks At Rime

Jan sport became a streetwear hit in the 90s, and has been associated with back to school. Whether it’s making the many of the brand’s backpack models your own by doodling all over it or having a patterned one, Jansport stirs up nostalgia. Some of the iconic models include the Right Pack with its suede leather bottom and the Suprebreak, which is the classic silhouette that is lightweight and durable for everyday use. Jansport backpacks are perfect for back to school or for anyone who needs that extra space to carry their everyday essentials. They’re functional simplicity at their best for room for personalization, whether through patches or the color. An assortment of Jansport are available at rime’s Brooklyn location in stand out colors.

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Disney | Jansport

Disney and their characters are timeless and beloved. Kids to adults adore Mickey and his friends, which results in armies of people flocking to the Disney amusement parks everyday. Even when we grow up there’s still a connect to the likes of Daffy and Pluto, there’s something carefree about them, Disney movies still ignite a sense of adventure in our older selves. For the first time JanSport is collaborating with Disney. JanSport has been a reliable brand for backpacks for years, they’re sturdy with a seamless design. The brand new collection celebrates exploration, fun, and of course, magic. Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the gang are ready for an adventure. This collaboration is coming soon to rime.


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