HLZBLZ “No Hard Feelings” Capsule

Women’s streetwear brand HLZBLZ latest capsule is bold and inspired by the reckless carefree living associated with ’90s grunge, and teenage angst. There’s a balance between the hard and soft, represented by the use of roses and thorns, contrasting the edgy with the innocent. The pink, red, black and white color palette elevates the juxtaposed aesthetic. Stand out pieces include the long-sleeve tee “Whatever” tee with the rose motif, “Teenage Rebel” t-shirt that features a brace-face with a cigarette. The capsule is street-wear ready and fits into the wave of revived ’90s trends. no-hard-feelings-streetwear-lookbook-6 no-hard-feelings-streetwear-lookbook-4 no-hard-feelings-streetwear-lookbook-3 no-hard-feelings-streetwear-lookbook-7 no-hard-feelings-streetwear-lookbook-9 no-hard-feelings-streetwear-lookbook-8 no-hard-feelings-streetwear-lookbook-2 no-hard-feelings-streetwear-lookbook-5

HLZBLZ Made An “Oprah 2020″ Hoodie

The Golden Globes this year extended past the TV shows, and movies nominated, actresses brought activists as their plus ones, while most of hollywood wore black in solidarity against sexual harassment. But what might have been the stand out moment of the night, was Oprah’s inspiring speech reminding girls that “a new day is on the horizon.” Following the memorable speech, rumors circulated that Oprah might be running for president in 2020. While she may not have responded to the rumors, female streetwear brand, HLZBLZ, is already paying tribute to the media industry icon by releasing an “Oprah 2020″ hoodie and long sleeved t-shirt. The offering resembles the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign logo, which Balenziaga paid tribute to in their fall/winter 2017 men’s collection. The tee and hoodie incorporates red, white and blue hues, with Oprah’s name printed on the chest.Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.26.41 PM Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.26.55 PM

HLZBLZ Fall 2016

HLZBLZ latest collection, Generation Youth, is a balance of old and new street-wear trends. The range is influenced by the 90s and 2000s. It includes street-wear staple silhouettes like, sweatpants, sweat shirts and hoodies, but there is a surprise with the camo trench, which, of course is a stand out piece of the collection, because of the print and oversized cut. HLZBLZ turned a usually stuffy silhouette, the trench coat, made it bigger and in camo, and it becomes the star. The Sade tee is also a stand out of the range, but honestly all of the pieces are exceptional, from the leggings with sayings down the sides to the burgundy Why not? hoodie. Also offered are, a baseball cap, backpack and lip gloss. This has got to be one of the more stand out collections by the L.A based brand. Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 3.41.03 PM Lookbook-HLZBLZ-Generation-Youth-7 Lookbook-HLZBLZ-Generation-Youth-5 Lookbook-HLZBLZ-Generation-Youth-2 Lookbook-HLZBLZ-Generation-Youth-16 Lookbook-HLZBLZ-Generation-Youth-10 Lookbook-HLZBLZ-Generation-Youth-13 Lookbook-HLZBLZ-Generation-Youth-17 Lookbook-HLZBLZ-Generation-Youth-3 Lookbook-HLZBLZ-Generation-Youth-4 Lookbook-HLZBLZ-Generation-Youth-15 Lookbook-HLZBLZ-Generation-Youth-21 Lookbook-HLZBLZ-Generation-Youth-6

WBW: HLZBLZ Second Offering For Spring, Bad Sport

HLZBLZ first drop for spring was inspired by the cult-classic film, Mi Vida Loca, now their second drop for spring has arrived and its called Bad Sport, inspired by the ’80s all female pop group Pandora’s Box and their song Good Girls Go To Heaven’s famous lyric “good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. Mixing sportswear staple silhouettes with an offbeat attitude equals out to HLZBLZ aesthetic, and they do it well with this this installment for spring. The collection includes an underwear set detailed with bold branding on the elastic banding. Other graphics are featured throughout the collection, clever play on other fashion brands, like the sportsbra with HLZBLZ done in the boxing brand Everlast logo’s shape and font, ironically paired with a nylon kimono jacket that resembles a boxer’s robe. The HERBZ, PILLZ, BANDZ printed on the elastic bands of some of the undergarments are a homage to bad girls. There are also pull overs,a cropped graphic heavy one and a half zip nylon one that features reflective print. The standout piece is the mesh oversized tunic with side slits and branding at the bottom, not only is it great for the beach but it’s versatile enough to pair with shorts during the hot city months. Rounding out this installment are nylon active pants, socks and a nylon zip up with perforated holes.  The collection is feminine and tough, very HLZBLZ. It is on trend with the whole athleisure going on at the moment, but the girls that wear these pieces aren’t getting their cardio in the gym instead they’re at BBQ’s on the roof. 

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WBW: HLZBLZ Spring/Summer 2016

The HLZBLZ Spring/Summer 2016 collection is called Locals Only and is inspired by the early ’90s movie Mi Vida Loca. The collection displays West Coast Mexicana and Chicano street culture, which took over the streets of L.A in the early ’80s and ’90s. Much like the culture and trend of the time, the collection pits the masculine against the feminine, with oversized silhouettes and crop tops. The monochrome collection is made up of bomber jackets, tees, button up with snap closure, a “sad girl” crop top and a bucket hat. Stand outs of the collection are the jacket with double-shell lining, the “Selenas” tee and the “8 ball” bomber jacket.

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