4/4/14 Patrick Ewing Center Retro Hi

Join us tomorrow for the release of the Ewing Center Retro in the New York Knick inspired color way and classic Black and White at BOTH Rime locations!


Ewings is BACK AT IT!!


Our classic all-star basketball player Patrick Ewing is back to drop another color set of his signature sneaker the “Ewings” in Purple (Ewing 33 hi), black (Ewing mid 33) and Kincks home (Ewing mid 33). All 3 will drop this saturday November 9 at the Brooklyn Rime location on a first come first serve basis so be sure to call for further details on the release of the shoes

NEW Ewing Athletics 33 Hi “White/Gum”

After dropping Ewing 33 Hi last year, Ewing Athetics decides to please their fans with releasing a new color way that is sure to be a must grab.The sneaker will feature a clean and crispy all-white leather upper and gum sole.The shoes will be dropping in October no word yet on a set date, but be sure to check up on us for a set date



Just a fresh reminder for you Ewing fans Rime will be releasing both colorways at the brooklyn location tomorrow Saturday July 6 on a first come, first serve bases. The price is set at $120. So be sure to call the brooklyn location at 718.797.0675 for further details on the releases.


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Ewing “Orange” Release Day: (A.K.A. We Sold Out)


If you weren’t chilling under a rock this morning, you were out in line for the Ewing release. Let me say this now, WE ARE SOLD OUT!!!!!! But if you want to hear our voice tell you so, you can call our Brooklyn location    : )


Ewing has once again proved its relevance in a growing market with this new orange suede color way for 4 reasons.

1. The execution is flawless.

2. The price is reasonable.

3. They kept it super limited by only releasing a small amount.

4. Who the hell else is doing an orange suede sneaker?!


We at Rime are proud to have carried it, and will keep you updated on the next drop!

Below are pictures from this morning.


Ewing Athletics 33 Hi

You have to give it to Mr. Ewing for his loyalty to the Knicks as well as being the first professional basketball player to release his own show label back in the day. Well Ewing Athletics, and its flagship model, the Ewing Athletics 33 Hi has returned. There are fancy technical hardware on the shoe. Instead, you will find a hearty construct of leather and suede, completed by Ewing’s signature as well as the reversible ankle strap. Available starting August 31st at a handful of retailers including Rime.

Source. Hypebeast

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