Alpha Industries, EEPMON And Rime Collaborate.

Canadian artist EPPMON and streetwear retailer rime get together with Alpha Industries to collaborate on a limited edition bomber jacket. Inspired by EEPMON and rime’s owner, Susan Boyle’s, mutual interest in the zodiac, EEPMON and rime take Alpha Industries’ MA-1 Slim Fit Flight Jacket and makes the reversible bomber jacket a representation of their shared interest. The “East Meets West” bomber takes on a monkey design on the lighter side and a lion on the darker side, representing EEPMON and Boyle’s signs. A laser-cut mirror acrylic keychain is included, and features the distinct model number. The collaboration first stepped out at ComplxCon in November, with the artist EEPMON on site to sign jackets, now the collaboration is having its first official east coast launch on December 9th at rime’s Brooklyn location. Can’t make it? Grab a jacket here.

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Rime And Canadian Artist Eepmon Collaborate With Alpha Industries

Rime’s founder Susan Boyle and Canadian digital artist EEPMON collaborate with Alpha Industries on a limited edition bomber jacket. The reversible jacket is a slim silhouette that is gold on one side and a dark brown on the other. The collaboration has the dual east-meets-west inspiration, as the monkey design on the gold side represents EEPMON and the lion on the dark brown side represents Boyle, both representing eastern zodiac. Each jacket also features a special laser cut mirror acrylic keychain with the edition number engraved on it, marking it out of the 128 jackets. These are currently available online here and at rime locations.

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Eepmon X RIme X Alpha Industries

rime collaborates with Canadian digital artist eepmon on an Alpha Industries bomber jacket. The collaboration, called Jungle Out There, will debut at ComplexCon on November 4th. The limited jacket is a representation of eepmon’s work, in the way he connects east meets west zodiacs. Using Alpha Industries’ slim bomber silhouette, the jacket takes on eepmon’s monkey portrait on the golden side, while the dark chocolate side has a lion, which represents rime’s founder Susan Boyle. The lion image was created by eepmon to symbolize Boyle’s leo zodiac sign and her wild fearless spirit. Each jacket will also feature a special laser cut mirror keychain with the edition number engraved out of 128. eepmon will be on hand at ComplexCon at the Alpha Industries booth to sign the jackets, they will also be available in limited quantities for purchase at rime’s online store.

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Eepmon X Rime X Alpha Industries

Teaser for the collaboration jacket between rime, Alpha Industries and artist eepmon, debuting at Complexion on November 4th.

Eepmon X Alpha Industries X Rime

jungleoutthere-teaser-rimeCanadian digital artist eepmon, Alpha Industries and rime get together on a collaboration of a bomber jacket set to debut on November 4th at Complexcon. Keep posted to get a look at the collaboration.

Digital Artist Eepmon

Canadian artist Eepmon’s work involves the merge of computer coding and illustration, with the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary art. Having developed his own computer program that integrate random algorithms into his work that generate dense graphic compositions that create a chaotic and orderly designs. Eepmon’s work straddles the line of digitally contemporary society and everyday inspiration. His distinct style has led to collaborations with Microsoft and Canada Goose. eepmon utilizes his skills and knowledge of fine arts, illustration, computer programming and photography to create art pieces that are conceptual and expressive while bridging together eastern and western cultures. Although his influences may not strikingly stand out in his work, the pieces are evocative and striking. His exhibits have used Google’s weather service data to create art. At times his exhibits even became interactive using the weather data and audience’s uploaded photos, blending them to make abstract works. His creativity is boundless as he uses photographs, paintings and drawings then merges them with his computer program that allows for spontaneous creativity. Taking the digital age’s immediacy into consideration, Eepmon’s work is easily printed onto a multitude of media or uploaded. Other pieces of his work are mixed medium visuals of creatures, like monkeys, existing, floating through digital worlds. The monkey aesthetic is no coincidence as Eepmon is a play on ape man. Eepmon is pushing the edge of art meets digital, which is right on time as we’re in the pivotal phase of the digital age. Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.20.12 PM


Eepmon is a Canadian artist that utilizes his skills and knowledge of fine arts, illustration, computer programming and photography to create art pieces that are conceptual and expressive, while bridging together both eastern and western cultures. Eepmon is a play on ape man, channeling the curious and playful characteristics of monkeys in his esthetic. He has created a name for himself in fashion, video games and fine art, with the sorcery he can do using computers. Outerwear powerhouse, Canada Goose, collaborated with him to create a piece of wearable art. Eepmon even took on the brand’s logo, livening it up with vibrant colors. While the outside of the parka was pretty much the same, except for the emblem on the sleeve and a blue streak in the fur of the hood, the lining was a multifaceted image of Canadian culture and a narrative of the country’s history, with themes that referenced Eepmon’s own eastern heritage. His works are exciting mixed medium visuals of creatures–like monkeys– existing, floating through digital worlds. Some of his work are interactive with the audience, at one of his exhibits the audience were able to upload images to his laptop, and by using a program he developed, he would blend the images with real-time weather data to create abstract works. He has designed for Xbox 360 and an Apple iOS game, Hidden Galaxies. He credits Murakami as one of his inspirations. Eepmon is pushing past the barrier of art meets digital, which is right on time as we’re currently in the primal and pivotal phase of the digital age. You can follow him on Instagram @eepmon, also check out his website by clicking here. 

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Canada Goose x Eepmon Synthesis Parka





Canada Goose x EEpmon synthesis parka

canada goose x eepmon synthesis parka

However, the detail was a mere minor distraction as we took site of the Eepmon’s inner mural, masterpiece.


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