Happy Birthday Mac : Thirty Years of Innovation

Apple made several personal computers before the original Macintosh, but it’s the machine that launched the brand, and it stuck. The Mac was the first consumer personal computer to feature a graphical user interface and was arguably the most important release in consumer PC market. Recently, a prototype of the original Mac popped up on eBay, which attracted bids as high as $100,000.


What’s Your Point of View? Google Glass

I browse the web ALOT so it was pretty impossible to miss Google’s latest project: Google Glass. Immediately I thought it would be a pair of glasses that would somehow allow me to search the web. To my pleasant surprise it does that and so much more.


Take a look at the videos below for a live view of Google Glass in action.

 At Google I/O 2012, the Project Glass team took product demoing to a new level. We worked with some of the world’s top athletes, combined skydiving and mountain biking, and shared the experience — through their eyes — with the world.


Apple, I think I just heard Google say checkmate.

Apple Store: Grand Central

Apple Inc. opened its latest retail store Friday in New York’s historic Grand Central Terminal to hundreds of eager shoppers.

I just had a chance to check it out for myself and I have to say the latest store, Apple’s fifth in Manhattan, has just become my favorite location of theirs in the USA to date. It’s definitely worth checking out if your in the area and while your there you can ponder this bit of information…
“More people now visit Apple’s stores in a single quarter than the 60 million who visited Walt Disney Co.’s four biggest theme parks last year, according to data earlier this year from Apple and the Themed Entertainment Association. Bob Bridger, Apple’s vice president of retail and real estate development, told AllThingsD that Apple has seen more than 12 million visitors in its New York stores this year, and more than 300 million visitors world-wide.”

Buddha Machine iPad App

Completely unnecessary, this iPad app will not predict the weather, provide directions, or even snap a vintage style pic of your cat. But what it will do is play meditative music loops composed by Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian. So unnecessary yes, but it hasn’t stopped me from using it every day to keep those voices in my head at bay.(iTunes)

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