Customer of the Week: Samantha Garchik

Both of our store locations (Brooklyn/Upper East Side ) receive a great deal of customers. Some are really dope and some not so, but for the sake of our new “Customer of the Week” segment we’ve chosen to focus on the dope ones.

This week’s best customer, Samantha Garchik, was found at our East location. She is a Sales and Marketing rep for GuS (Grown-up Soda), which is pretty awesome if you haven’t tried it. When she first came into the store she was pretty set on the red Reebok x Alicia Keys wedge sneaker but unfortunately we were sold out of her size. She stuck around a bit, tried on some more of our wedge sneakers (Puma, Nike, etc…) and was eventually sold on the style/comfort of the Nike “London” Sky Hi Dunk from the city pack that dropped a few months ago. Which brings up the question, are wedge sneakers a fad? We think not.






NEW: Reebok x Alicia Keys

Just in, Reebok Classics x Alicia Keys double bubble! 

Alicia Keys interviews with Reebok Classic on their new shoe collaboration:

“It’s about creating something that’s not only wearable but is cool and makes you feel confident and at your best! I definitely went for street, style and stage—three important things to me.” Click here to read the full interview.

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