Social Media Is The Latest Snitch.

There are many of us who turn down the invitation to our friend’s mother’s party with a lie. Or decide to stay in on a Friday night just because, you know, our beds are just so much more fun. But it’s our social media addiction that gets us caught in the lie when you say “Sorry I didn’t make it, my phone died”, with them immediately responding, “How could you have posted that photo on Instagram if your phone was dead?” Then it could possibly lead you into an even spiraling out of control descent of more lies or you end up fleeing the vicinity as if you’re some fugitive on the run. Social media has become a way for us to connect. But what happens when you just don’t want to connect with a certain someone in person. Like not going to your ex’s wedding reception even though you’ve told everyone repeatedly that you’re over them, only to be called out for being tagged in a Facebook photo of a mutual friend eating cereal out of a way too big bowl wearing your ex’s sweatshirt. Social media completely destroys your plot at maneuvering your way out of activities, and maybe even feelings. Because all though we say we don’t want to be there we still want to know whats happening, and you lie saying you’re at the Emergency Room with the worst stomach ache but yet they know it isn’t so, because you’ve just viewed their snap or posted on Facebook about how vibrant you’re feeling. Sometimes we just want to be included from a distance. So when you lie about plans, avoid social media at all costs. 


The Shrine Brand

Shrine is a luggage company based out of San Francisco. Their products are stylish, tech savy in there design and construction. Their Weekender sneaker backpack is a travel pack designed with two large compartments for sneakers. The Weekender was specifically designed to look like a shoe box, to safely hold sneakers through travel. It also has storage compartments for caps, watches, jewelry and tech. The Weekender fits two pairs of high top or low top sneakers up to a size 18. Nylon interior, mesh pockets for chargers and clothing compartment is divided by the sneaker compartment by a zipper, there’s even a pull out hat sling to keep snapbacks from being crushed. The weekender is a perfect item for the traveling sneaker-head. It is currently available at rime.

Shrine_Weekender_Sneaker_Backpack_Diamond_Press_sneakerhead_black_teal2 FullSizeRender-53

Vanity Life’s Kiss and Tell Earbuds.

Vanity Life’s Kiss and Tell earbuds boosts a black and red color scheme. The plug is in the shape of a lipstick and the buds themselves are a nice red pout. Every girl loves a sexy red lip. These earbuds are for the girl who likes to incorporate her personality into anything she wears. As Vanity Life’s motto suggests; Embrace Your Vanity. 



Available at Rime.

Happy Birthday Mac : Thirty Years of Innovation

Apple made several personal computers before the original Macintosh, but it’s the machine that launched the brand, and it stuck. The Mac was the first consumer personal computer to feature a graphical user interface and was arguably the most important release in consumer PC market. Recently, a prototype of the original Mac popped up on eBay, which attracted bids as high as $100,000.


What’s Your Point of View? Google Glass

I browse the web ALOT so it was pretty impossible to miss Google’s latest project: Google Glass. Immediately I thought it would be a pair of glasses that would somehow allow me to search the web. To my pleasant surprise it does that and so much more.


Take a look at the videos below for a live view of Google Glass in action.

 At Google I/O 2012, the Project Glass team took product demoing to a new level. We worked with some of the world’s top athletes, combined skydiving and mountain biking, and shared the experience — through their eyes — with the world.


Apple, I think I just heard Google say checkmate.

Tech: iPHONE Finally Receives Better E-mail Option With Sparrow

A few months back everyone I knew was going insane with excitement concerning Google’s Gmail client making it’s way to iOS. But that excitement rapidly dwindled when the rather regrettable app finally touched-down on the iPhone. Now there is a much better choice.

Released today, Sparrow for iPhone does what Google fell short of and delivers on the hype.

By extracting the best UI elements from apps like Facebook and Tweetie, Sparrow focuses in on a gesture heavy app experience. After a slight learning curve, Sparrow’s navigation becomes quick and a joy to interact with. The use of gestures to easily access accounts, folders, and Gmail specific features such as priority inboxes are all just a swipe away. Folders are neatly spectrum labeled and offer the ability to view either individual accounts or a unified inbox.

View the video here below for a further look at the new Sparrow iPhone App.

Road Inc.

Are you familiar with Cyclepedia? It’s an app that indexes bicycles, well for the car fanatics, here’s Road Inc. – a fully interactive Anthology of Cars. Think of it as the greatest website ever of childhood dreams!

Apple Store: Grand Central

Apple Inc. opened its latest retail store Friday in New York’s historic Grand Central Terminal to hundreds of eager shoppers.

I just had a chance to check it out for myself and I have to say the latest store, Apple’s fifth in Manhattan, has just become my favorite location of theirs in the USA to date. It’s definitely worth checking out if your in the area and while your there you can ponder this bit of information…
“More people now visit Apple’s stores in a single quarter than the 60 million who visited Walt Disney Co.’s four biggest theme parks last year, according to data earlier this year from Apple and the Themed Entertainment Association. Bob Bridger, Apple’s vice president of retail and real estate development, told AllThingsD that Apple has seen more than 12 million visitors in its New York stores this year, and more than 300 million visitors world-wide.”

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