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Mens Nike SF Air Force 1

In Fall 2016 nike turned their iconic basketball sneaker the Air Force 1 into a lifestyle sneaker. The militarized version of the Air Force 1 was redone with a high-top extension with a distinct dual-strap at the ankles. Now Nike is back with two new tonal color ways. The black gum corollary features a premium tumbled leather construction, to separate itself from the original Black Gum color way. A ballistic nylon adds wether resistance, while the traditional outsole unit still in place, with black trickled into it, elevating the tonal look of the shoe. The Tan Gum color way has the same characteristics as the the black version, with the tan color making its way down into the midsole to tighten that tonal overall look. Both of these color ways will be available at rime’s Brooklyn location on January 19th at 5pm.

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Obey Women’s Capsule Collection, Tough Love

Obey women’s latest offerings have been filled with tons of attitude. Their latest limited edition capsule collection continues that vibe. The collection is both soft and hard, it’s arriving just in time for Valentines Day, as the small collection is called Tough Love. The range includes an oversized long sleeve tee, dad hat and pin, with a ’90s baby doll top and velvet bomber-esqe jacket with lips and handcuffs embroidered on the back being the stand outs. The collection embraces one of streetwear’s current trends, nostalgic ’90s vibes. 

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Aimé Leon Dore’s Polar Fleece Capsule Collection

Aimé Leon Dore is a brand that takes classic street-wear silhouettes and elevates them to a luxurious place. Their latest capsule collection shows them flexing that skill. The new set of winter essentials are perfect for the cold temperatures. The Polar Fleece capsule collection silhouettes include trench boats, hoodies, crewnecks, pants and footwear. The main feature of the collection is the polar fleece material used to make the pieces for ideal warmth in cold climates. The sneaker, called the Q44, is the standout of the capsule. It is made of a navy suede leather for a luxe look and feel. 

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HEX And Guy Mariano Collaborate On A Skate Pack

HEX has collaborated with skateboarding legend Guy Mariano, to deliver the Guy Mariano signature Skate pack. The signature edition backpack has a long lists of features that cater to the skater. Guy took a hands on approach to the design of the back pack to ensure its functionality. There are hide-away skate straps that can be tucked out of sight when not carrying a deck, a front pocket organizer for skate tools and accessories, a lined pocket with water proof zipper to protect cameras and phones, and a fully padded and faux-fur lined laptop compartment. There are also air-mesh straps, compression strap and a distinct smartphone keyring holder, which makes filming a trick on a phone easier. The pack is built to withstand everyday use and is comfortable while skating. HEX’s Guy Mariano signature skate pack is available at rime locations.


HEX And Stance Socks Limited Edition Duffle Travel Kit.

HEX and Stance Socks have joined forces to introduce a limited edition sneaker travel collection. The limited edition duffle bag is paired with Stance’s Battalion and Dissoly invisible sock. The bag is made of heavy-duty nylon and features a custom star print that matches the stance socks. The bags also have HEX’s signature functionality, with separate compartments for clothing, sneakers, and faux-fur lined pockets for laptops, phone and tablet. The bag is constructed out of water resistant nylon, with waxed canvas and reflective accents. The two side ends of the bag have innovative sneaker pockets. each of them are separately lined and there is a divider incorporated to reduce odor travel from the shoe pockets into the main clothing compartment. mesh sock pockets are also designed into the sneaker compartments and ventilation is provided through eyelets. The bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap as well as tow additional zipper pockets, an ID pocket and luggage-style feet to keep the bag elevated when sitting. The travel kit is currently available at rime locations.

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3-D Printing, And Its Place In The Design World.

3-D printing has been a great aid to medicine, especially for cardiac surgery. Since its debut in the ’80s, 3-D printing has also had a foot in the design world, mainly for car manufacturing, but the advance technology has integrated fashion and interior design over the years. The procedure was originally conceived as a fast and more cost-effective method for creating prototypes for product development. Big brands like Nike have already started to deliver products that are manufactured and designed using 3-D printing. These major brands can streamline their manufacturing process. Instead of needing to receive products then design specifications, then ship the products out for manufacturing, and waiting to receive them back to sell, they can now design and manufacture products in-house through 3-D printing. Companies are now able to custom-design their products based on specific consumer needs, in a faster time span. Brands can use 3-D printing to quickly create prototypes of new designs, to create samples to use as marketing tools. This creates a faster design-to-product timeline. Ikea has just released a chair made using a digital knitting method similar to Nike’s Flyknit. Nike is such a fan of 3-D printing system that they patented their very own 3-D printed shoe technology, they’ve already used the system to optimize prototypes for  various track and football cleats. Another sneaker company on the 3-D printing thread is adidas. The brand is set to release their first 3-D printed running shoe. The shoe features an engineered 3-d web structure with desk zones in high force areas and less dense zones in the low force areas for optimum level of performance. The runner also has a 3-D heel counter, which is integrated into the midsole and avoids the typical process of gluing and stitching. This allows for greater elasticity and support. The benefit of 3-D printing for shoe companies, is to make their products more customizable, pushing the envelope with the sneaker designs. 

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Alpha Industries At Rime

Alphs industries have been doing flight/bomber jackets since the second world war. Since the bomber jacket trend, Alpha Industries has become the go to for flight jackets. The  brand’s fall/winter 2016 range features the classic bomber in different iterations, modernized and ready for the street-wear aficionado. Patches and embroidery updates the silhouettes, as well as neon linings that can be worn inside out to make a statement to a subtle outfit. The Souvenir Eagle Ma-1 jacket is one of the stand outs, inspired by the service men at the end of WW2 when the service men took their jackets to local craftsmen to be embroidered with unique patterns specific to the regions they were stationed in. Rime locations currently has pieces from the range, including the Souvenir Eagle jacket.

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Men’s Adidas Equipment Support ADV In Black

The adidas EQT Support ADV is a modern take on a 90s runner. They borrow design cues from the 90s runner and combine them with a stretchy sock-like upper. It is streamlined and stylish, fitting nicely into the athliesure trend. A black mesh base upper with synthetic overlays also in black, the contrasting white sole rounds out the look of the sneaker. It is a clean, premium look that’s a wardrobe staple. This color-way is available at rime’s Upper East Side location.

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Sita Abellan’s Capsule Collection With MISBHV

MISBHV showed for the first time at the last NYFW, with Sita Abellan in tow. Now the model has teamed up with the Polish street-wear brand for a capsule collection. The model is known for her unique personal style and surely brought that to the capsule collection. The collection is inspired by the fashion trends of the early 2000s and Japanese culture, where the model has a large fan base. The early 2000s influence is seen in the silhouettes and the use of rhinestones across halter-tops spelling the word pain, giving nostalgia of Ed Hardy bedazzled gear of the time. The capsule collection includes a kimono-jacket, cross-halter-top and silk shorts that have a boxing connection. The range also includes gloves and cap in satin.

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