Trillfest 2017

Trill fit is described as Boston’s original hip-hop workout party, where fitness is fun, inclusive while being set to a trill playlist. The lifestyle brand is introducing TRILLFEST in Cambridge MA on September 16th at Cambridge’s University Park Commons. The event is the city’s first wellness music festival for the culture. For a day individuals can get hype with Trillfit’s favorite fitness sessions, DJs, food trucks and a wellness market. There will also be a special meditation group led by For Creative Souls. For more info and how to get tickets head here.


Nike Special Field Air Force 1 Mid Ivory

The Nike Speacial Field Air Force 1 Mid Ivory features a a two-tone  ivory and olive look. The military inspired shoe gets a premium leather and canvas upper with complimenting metal eyelets and round laces. The sneaker is constructed with a tumbled leather upper with a durable ballistic nylon being placed on the back portion of the shoe. Olive branding on the ankle and rubber sole contrasts against the ivory. Rounding out the look of the sneaker is the double zipper on the heel, a gusseted tongue and ankle strap. These will be available at rime locations on August 11th.

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Rime’s Founder Susan Boyle Talks With Footwear Insight

Recently Footwear Insight magazine chatted with a few owners of popular sneaker boutiques to discuss how they thrive in an E-comm work. Shopping online has become a norm, for everyone. Whether it’s searching for a must have item or a spontaneous treat-yo-self moment, online shops have become to go to. What makes a certain online shop shine above the rest is how easy they make the experience; from same day shipment to free returns. With sneaker boutiques things like sizing and exclusivity are factors to a shining E-comm. In the article for Footwear Insight, Boyle touches on the day to day goings on that makes her E-comm work for her rime boutiques. For a look at the full article check out the latest issue of Footwear Insight.

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Velcro Sneaker Trend

There’s been a ton of sneaker trends this year, from platforms to sock-boot sneakers. One of the sneaker trends currently dominating the streetwear, fashion scene comes from the norm-core trend, falling under the dad shoes trend umbrella, the velcro sneaker. Velcro sneakers are what we all used to wear before we learned to tie our shoe laces, now brands are giving them a grown-up spin. The velcro sneaker could easily be called an ugly trend, but they make an outfit chic. The clean design combined with the bulky velcro allows the chicness of any outfit to shine. The key is to wear velcro sneakers without looking like a child, so pair them with a loose, wide-leg pant or a knit dress. For guys velcro sneakers with a suit pant or slack is a clean look, to give an overall rugged look pairing them with slim ripped jean is the way to go. Brands like adidas and Vans have taken some of their most iconic silhouettes and applied the velcro aesthetic to them. Taking the Stan Smith’s iconic clean design and adding a velcro system to them elevates the sought after shoe into the current trend, while Vans put the velcro on their Old Skool model, making it a quintessential skater shoe with the easy on and off system. The velcro updates are a nice taste of nostalgia. Rime locations has a variation of velcro sneakers.

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Vetements Collaborates With DHL For Spring/Summer 2018

Since its debut, Vetements has become a streetwear star. Demna Gvasalia’s parody DHl tee became a stand out star and the brand’s call to fame. The designer continued to turn ordinary upside down, creating excitement out of simplicity and the mundane, like the “T-Shirt”  tee and the  ”Raincoat”  raincoat. But the original Vetements DHL tee was the defining, most sought after fashion piece last year. A major element of the brand is the collaborations, which they recently just announced a Tommy Hilfiger collaboration. Now the brand has went full circle with the DHL collaboration for spring/summer 2018. Taking to their INstagram, the brand announced the collaboration with a few images tagged VETEMENTSxDHLSS18. Models wore never before seen gear that included polo shirts, socks and baseball caps done in the signature DHL color scheme of yellow and red. The items are also double branded, solidifying the collaboration. Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of yellow and red come next summer.

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Have A Happy And Safe 4th Of July And Get Free Shipping At Rimenyc.com

Use code 4THOFJULY at checkout on rimenyc.com for free shipping.Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 11.58.04 AM

The Kickback

Sean Williams, producer of the online talk show, Obsessive Sneaker Disorder, is hosting an event called The Kickback at the W Hotel-Downtown. The Living Room Bar and Terrace at the W New York- will house the even t that will feature a night of iconic women’s sneakers, old school tunes, and drinks fashioned after sneakers. There will also be a conceptual fashion show happening throughout the night. The Kickback is Sean’s way of giving a look at the sneaker world from behind the scenes. The event is June 20th from 7-10 at the W Hotel New York-Downtown.

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C.A.K.E: chicks. art. kicks. the exhibition

Cozy Girl Squad is bringing together a fusion of art and fashion, C.A.K.E will showcase sneaker themed art by female artists. The art work will be centered around sneaker culture from the female perspective. It’ll be an event that brings together music, sneaker culture and even cake pops. 

C.A.K.E Promo Flyer edited

Cozy Girl Squad Includes Rime’s Susan Boyle As Part Of Their Kicks For Chicks, By Chicks

Cozy Girl Squad is a platform, where a collective of women shine a light on the things they find attractive and feminine while abandoning societies template on what those things mean. The squad allows women to see that confidence is more important than what is expected from them to be ladylike, or becoming perfect due to society’s standards. Creating their own template built solely on the courage of women. Cozy Girl Squad unifies women who are part of sneaker and streetwear culture. It’s a platform to discuss, learn and connect, without judgement on what it means to be a woman in love with streetwear culture. As part of  women’s month Cozy girl Squad put together a list of female influencers in streetwear, part of that list was Rime founder Susan Boyle, highlighting her design for Reebok, with the Reebok Diamond Ventilator. to check out the list click here.

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Women Marching

Saturday women around the world, from Washington to Lisbon, marched in unity to voice their frustration. Joined by their peers, anyone with sense, they all marched to protest against the sexist and discriminatory tone of Trump’s election campaign. Not every feminist is white, middle class, cis-gendered and able-bodied. The marches were attended by men women, gay and straight, in all sizes and colors. In solidarity these women, people, humans marched on the first day of Trump’s presidency, united in their diversity. They came out in large numbers to resist what the new POTUS represents, the embarrassing facets of American culture, that it’s not okay to demean anyone that isn’t like you, and that that strongly included women. It was the largest inaugural protest in history, nearing around 3.3 million. Many irate at one of the most deplorable comments made by Trump about grabbing women, a comment that proved that Trump was a misogynist that takes what he wants. These women marched to  overcome the tradition of silence, letting women and the next generation know that they have the right to speak up for themselves, to stand against inequality and hatred for minorities. It was a march about change, about changing the world and solidarity with those fighting for freedom everywhere, for those who believe in human rights. Unity was the message. Unified they were, unified to protect fundamental rights, unified to stand up for women, unified for equal opportunities. They were unified to show that the President of the USA was elected after bragging about sexually assaulting women, and they weren’t okay with that. They were showing the world that they weren’t going to keep quiet on women’s issues. There was power in the numbers. They were marching to fight for progress and a future of inclusion and love instead of hate and nostalgic conservatism. But for sure no one felt alone, instead there was an energy of hope, anger, power and excitement that so many felt the same. Lets hope that no one forgets the energy that these marchers projected, that they, we, can do something, that they weren’t alone. And The similarities in the handmade signs showed that. 

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