The Kickback

Sean Williams, producer of the online talk show, Obsessive Sneaker Disorder, is hosting an event called The Kickback at the W Hotel-Downtown. The Living Room Bar and Terrace at the W New York- will house the even t that will feature a night of iconic women’s sneakers, old school tunes, and drinks fashioned after sneakers. There will also be a conceptual fashion show happening throughout the night. The Kickback is Sean’s way of giving a look at the sneaker world from behind the scenes. The event is June 20th from 7-10 at the W Hotel New York-Downtown.

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C.A.K.E: chicks. art. kicks. the exhibition

Cozy Girl Squad is bringing together a fusion of art and fashion, C.A.K.E will showcase sneaker themed art by female artists. The art work will be centered around sneaker culture from the female perspective. It’ll be an event that brings together music, sneaker culture and even cake pops. 

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Cozy Girl Squad Includes Rime’s Susan Boyle As Part Of Their Kicks For Chicks, By Chicks

Cozy Girl Squad is a platform, where a collective of women shine a light on the things they find attractive and feminine while abandoning societies template on what those things mean. The squad allows women to see that confidence is more important than what is expected from them to be ladylike, or becoming perfect due to society’s standards. Creating their own template built solely on the courage of women. Cozy Girl Squad unifies women who are part of sneaker and streetwear culture. It’s a platform to discuss, learn and connect, without judgement on what it means to be a woman in love with streetwear culture. As part of  women’s month Cozy girl Squad put together a list of female influencers in streetwear, part of that list was Rime founder Susan Boyle, highlighting her design for Reebok, with the Reebok Diamond Ventilator. to check out the list click here.

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Women Marching

Saturday women around the world, from Washington to Lisbon, marched in unity to voice their frustration. Joined by their peers, anyone with sense, they all marched to protest against the sexist and discriminatory tone of Trump’s election campaign. Not every feminist is white, middle class, cis-gendered and able-bodied. The marches were attended by men women, gay and straight, in all sizes and colors. In solidarity these women, people, humans marched on the first day of Trump’s presidency, united in their diversity. They came out in large numbers to resist what the new POTUS represents, the embarrassing facets of American culture, that it’s not okay to demean anyone that isn’t like you, and that that strongly included women. It was the largest inaugural protest in history, nearing around 3.3 million. Many irate at one of the most deplorable comments made by Trump about grabbing women, a comment that proved that Trump was a misogynist that takes what he wants. These women marched to  overcome the tradition of silence, letting women and the next generation know that they have the right to speak up for themselves, to stand against inequality and hatred for minorities. It was a march about change, about changing the world and solidarity with those fighting for freedom everywhere, for those who believe in human rights. Unity was the message. Unified they were, unified to protect fundamental rights, unified to stand up for women, unified for equal opportunities. They were unified to show that the President of the USA was elected after bragging about sexually assaulting women, and they weren’t okay with that. They were showing the world that they weren’t going to keep quiet on women’s issues. There was power in the numbers. They were marching to fight for progress and a future of inclusion and love instead of hate and nostalgic conservatism. But for sure no one felt alone, instead there was an energy of hope, anger, power and excitement that so many felt the same. Lets hope that no one forgets the energy that these marchers projected, that they, we, can do something, that they weren’t alone. And The similarities in the handmade signs showed that. 

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Kick Your Game Sneaker Expo

Sneaker expos have been the Comic Con for sneaker loves for a while. Its a place where people with one evident similar interest get together and take in the glory of sneakers, sharing stories about where and how they got them, as well as displaying their most prized sneakers. Kick Your Game Sneaker Expo is one of the newer ones that just ha dither first expo on January 17th in Brooklyn, where the local news paid a visit. Check out the clip below, as well as a video from Kick Your Game T.V on youtube where they discuss the Nike Air Mags.


Nike Sportswear Spring 2017

Nike’s Tech Knit technology has become some of today’s athletes got to wardrobe staples. For Spring 2017, Nike has created pieces that transition and function seamlessly  for the spring time weather. The innovation is seen in the the construction, fit and cut of the garments. There is an evident sportswear inspiration, that exudes a comfortable vibe. What makes the pieces so spectacular is that they are wardrobe staples, that are elevated but the pattern construction and fabrics to have a more luxe feel. The collection is made up of what every consumer needs and wants in their wardrobes remastered with Nike technologies. The pieces fit into that on the go lifestyle, they’re key wardrobe pieces that Nike re-imagined with their performance innovations Included in the collection are cuffed tailored pants, a boy-cut tee with mesh panels and a wind runner silhouette jacket that’s breathable, functional and stylish.

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PUMA Honors Black History Month With A Capsule Collection

PUMA have announced the release of a capsule collection in honor of Black History Month, continuing the work they do with the David T. Howard School Alumni Association and Atlanta Public Schools to fund community growth in Atlanta. The first drop is a rework of the PUMA Clyde silhouette, named after basketball legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier who studied at David T. Howard School, famous for its role in the civil rights movement. The Clyde BBall silhouette basketballs, by using a textured leather upper, with gold eyelets as a nod to Clyde’s many basketball trophies. The Clyde Wool silhouette takes inspiration from the David T. Howard School, with the upper being made from wool and chenille to resemble high school varsity jackets, the shoe also utilizes the school’s colors of blue and gold. The second drop of the collection will include apparel. Tees, the Clyde T7 Jacket and Pant will be done in the school’s blue and gold colors. There’s a sneaker silhouette as well, the Sky 2 Hi, it’s a basketball inspired sneaker that features a blue leather upper and dual lacing. The final drop of the collection will feature a ‘his and hers’ Clyde in a white upper, blue leather formstripe and the David T.Howard School emblem on the tongue. Below are images of the first drop.

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FKA Twigs Creative Directs Nike’s Campaign For Their Zonal Strength Tights

Today FKA Twigs teased snippets of a video of her and her group of rebel posse dancing in a jungle through her Instagram account. Those snippets were part of a larger commercial that the musician/artist creative directed for Nike’s Zonal Strength Tights. The athliesure trend is alive and still going strong, but it is a trend that is easy to run out of ways to make things like spandex, or workout wear look interesting beyond the gym. Nike’s newest ambassador FKA Twigs, is a musician that pushes the boundaries of her craft, at times many critics have had a hard time grounding her music in a specific genre. So it seems like choosing her to elevate the ideas of how to wear tights outside of the gym in fresh ways, was a right fit. The singer creative-directed, cast and starred in the campaign, called Believe In More, and with her help is allowing consumers to look at active wear with fresh lenses. Nike is known for using athletes to front their campaigns, but as FKA Twigs has said herself “People don’t always see dancers as athletes, but we are,”. The singer’s dance moves shine, and are exceptionally electric in the video, and for good reason, she started dancing at three and is versed in half a dozen styles of dance. Not short of any notable athletes, the campaign video features twelve athletes and non-athletes cast by FKA Twigs, including karate pro Jay Kirton, dancer Saskia Horton, Olympic fencer Miles Charley Watson and yogi Paleta Clam-Quality. The singer’s approach to working out is dancing, and has said “…you don’t even realize you’re working out. You’re just doing you, and then the results come, and you value them as they’re happening.” FKA Twigs letting us know that even the rhythmless can have a good time while getting in shape. Check out the video below.


George Michael’s Impact On Pop Culture.

2016 has been the year where many iconic musicians past, Bowie, Prince and most recently, George Michael. He was referred to as the soulful pop star, but besides his voice, he is remembered for his fashion sense, both in everyday life and the iconic imagery his music videos left behind. There was a lack of shame not only in his music but the imagery that accompanied it. From his days in Wham! when he wore, and highlighted the bold-lettering-tees trend with t-shirts that bore the saying Choose Life. It was  bold and unapologetic, especially for the time. One of the most memorable moments in George Michael’s career was the Freedom video where he brought fashion into the homes of the masses, by having the biggest supermodels of all time lip-synching the lyrics to his song. There was Cindy, Linda, Tatiana, Naomi and Christy dancing, crawling and singing on our TV sets. These almost otherworldly creatures somehow became attainable through his music video. He then followed up with his Too Funky music video where more supermodels pranced on a runway in Thierry Mugler’s iconic designs. The musician’s admiration for fashion was definitely evident in in his videos. One of the most shameless moments of his career was after his very publicized arrest in a Beverly Hills public bathroom. After the arrest the musician did’t shy away from the public eye, instead he went on to write a song and create a video about the incident. He danced in a bathroom, wearing an officer’s uniform, a very chic and fashionable uniform, as he sang about his arrest for soliciting sex. The song and music, was Michael’s way of saying he wasn’t ashamed. And at a time when homosexuals weren’t highlighted in the media in a positive light, the musician’s representation for the gay community, only saw his star rise even brighter. He was adamant about who he was, in a time that said he shouldn’t be. Although there’s a large bubble of irony surrounding the singer who sang the iconic holiday breakup song Last Christmas died on Christmas day, he did leave behind a legacy of  imagery to accompany his music. Enjoy one of his iconic moments, not only for music but fashion, below.


Kanye, Kanye, Kanye!

Many might not have thought that the narrative surrounding Kanye would have went the way it has, if we just used College Dropout as a template for said narrative. Kanye has always been an outspoken individual, there’s the “Bush doesn’t care about black people,” comment and that infamous Taylor Swift incident that neither one of them seem to be able to get away from, even us as a public can’t seem to avoid it. Since October, Kanye, and his loved ones, have dominated pop culture news. From Kim’s robbery, where he had to stop a show to rush to be by her side, and very rightfully s0—the incident was so traumatic that Kim still hasn’t returned to the public eye or social media, mediums that shaped her popularity and fame. After the incident, Kanye went on tangents about his close pal Jay-Z, accusing him of not calling to check in after the robbery, even revealing that Blue-Ivy and North have never had a play date. Then he cancelled shows and we heard he was hospitalized. Kanye has said before “I might not be perfect, but my music is.” This sentiment is coming from a true artist’s heart. Subconsciously he might have known as long as the music is good so is he, or at least in the eyes of his peers and the public he would be. But after the robbery, watching his outgoing wife become a recluse and the lack of calls from Jay afterwards might have ignited past incidents, like the loss of his mother, he might have thought “Who do I trust now?”, leading to paranoia and low-lows of depressive states and erratic behavior, causing him to be hospitalized. Kanye emerged from the rock he was under and one of the first things he did was meet with Trump. The public, his fans, might have thought this meeting was unlike Kanye, considering his comment about Bush. Many resorted to calling him names like coon, because Trumps campaign rhetoric was a force of fear peddling, blatant racism and sexism. As a black man with a platform this meeting might have been a way to understand where Trump’s head is at. He might have wanted to make sure that his black son and daughter would not have to suffer at the policies that Trump has in mind, as that saying goes, keep your enemies close. Artists are geniuses at their crafts, because no one can do what they can the way they do it, but theres also the fear of rejection or never being good enough, even for those at the top like Kanye, those feelings never go away because once at the top you want to stay there. These could all be factors in his hospitalization. One major characteristic of the artist’s genius is unpredictability and Kanye has revealed that many times before, but the meeting with the President-Elect was his biggest act, with many saying he has lost it. He has the resources, platform that allows him to meet with the next president no matter their differences on the issues. For now Kanye seems to be all right, as we saw from some images after his hospitalization where he’s smiling. Everything that led up to this hospitalization, especially the rants, are all part of his personality, so if you can’t handle his unpredictability and outspoken behavior, then whats the point of liking his music? Those things allow him to create, his eccentricities, or the “crazy” as what most call it, is what fuels his art. There’s sure to be more boundary pushing from Kanye to come. 

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