Highlights From The PEL NYC Event At Rime Brooklyn

PEL NYC, previewed his Luxurious Villain at rime Brooklyn before taking it on tour. The artist’s work is thought provoking, and takes current events and pop culture and expresses them through his distinct perspective. 

PEL NYC Will Preview Their Luxurious Villain

Griot PEl, PEL NYC, provokes thought, feeling and conversation using news and pop culture as subject matter. His military and menswear design background sharpened his skills and broadened his artistic horizon with attention to detail. PEL’s trips around the world have helped to develop a perspective that’s all his own. His immersion into different cultures has helped him to incorporate different textures of conversation into a seamless thread. He has curated juxtaposed views with daily caricatures of current events via social media , and his monthly contribution in Penthouse, a full-page political feature called “Sketchy Truths”.  Whether he’s using a pen, marker or paint he has mastered a way to have in depth conversations with the viewer. The dialogue is often done whimsically while addressing the larger subject matter. His subtle pokes at pop culture and commercial compliance are his hallmark. PEL allows the viewer to take a glance at his offbeat imagination through his art. The preview at rime’s Brooklyn location will be of PEL’s Luxurious Villain exhibition before it goes on it global gallery tour. It will be happening for 48 hours on Saturday 9/29 and Sunday 9/30, where the artist will be in attendance, limited edition merch will be available for sale and the chance to win a customized Lucky figure. RSVP at contact@rimenyc.com. The exhibition will be between 1-8 on Saturday and 2-5 on Sunday.Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 12.27.20 PM

Chelsie Denise Lisenting Party At Rime Brooklyn

Chelsie Densire_Listening party_1 Chelsie Densire_Listening party_2 Chelsie Densire_Listening party_3 Chelsie Densire_Listening party_4 Chelsie Densire_Listening party

Sole Seekers Viewing Event At Rime Brooklyn

Sole Seekers is the first full length documentary on sneaker culture, which documents the rise of British sneaker culture. The film chronicles how people of different backgrounds come together over their shared appreciation of sneakers. The viewing event was held at rime Brooklyn, with an eclectic bunch of sneaker lovers taking in the screening.sole seekers title Sole seekers_1 sole seekers01 sole seekers02 sole seekers03 sole seekers05 sole seekers06

The Sucio Pop-Event At Rime Brooklyn Was A Success.

The streetwear brand held a pop-up event at rime, showcasing the brand’s take on streetwear graphics. Taking over-seen graphics, like the”Thanks for shopping, come again” printed on shopping bags and twisting the slogan to a more streetwear vibe on a shopping tote, the brand mixes those distinct fonts with modern urban sayings. Look for the brand at rime in the coming months.

SKEWVILLE Art Event At Rime Brooklyn

Skewville, the Brooklyn based art collective, of Ad Deville and his brother Droo are bringing their distinct art to rime for an event on September 5th. The duo are known for taking inspiration from NYC’s Hip-Hop roots and classic Americana advertising slogans. After having their art received all around the world, the duo is bringing it back home with two exclusive “BKLYN” limited edition sneakers. Each pair oare hand pulled and screen printed multiple times with specially fixed matte and metallic inks. They’re hand cut nd crafted by the duo in Brooklyn and assembled with custom Skewville laces and screen printed shoe bags. The artists will be on hand at the event. Head here to register for the event on Wednesday September 5th from 6-10pm at rime’s Brooklyn location.Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 12.05.25 PM

Rime Is Hosting A Skewville Event On September 5th

Skewville are an art duo of brothers, Deville and Droo. The brothers started Skewville 20 years ago, an ode to New York’s sneaker heads, tagging the city’s 5 boroughs with with their wooden sneakers in a project called “When Dogs Fly”. The limited wooden sneakers quickly gained a cult following. Catalogued around the world and photographed not only by fans but also art collectors. Their unique style has evolved into taking inspirations from NYC’s Hip-Hop roots of giant boomboxes and mashups of classic Americana advertising slogans. The brothers have returned home to NYC after spreading the sneaker love of over 5,000 Sneakers all over the world to release two exclusive “BKLYN” limited edition sneakers. Each pair are hand pulled and screen printed multiple times with specially fixed matte and metallic inks. The sneakers are hand cut and crafted by the brothers in Brooklyn and assembled with custom Skewville laces and custom screen printed shoe bags. Each pair are hand signed and comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. The event will be held at rime’s Brooklyn location on September 5th from 7-10, where the sneakers will be on sale and the artists, the brothers behind Skewville will be in attendance. It’s the perfect definition for when art and sneakers collide.Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 3.21.56 PM Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 3.22.47 PM

Soleseekers Screening At Rime

Soleseekers is the first full length documentary on sneaker culture. The film documents the rise of British sneaker culture. It chronicles how people of different background come together over their shared appreciation of sneakers. Soleseekers explores the ins of sneaker culture from the collectors to the consumers that wait on line for hours for that sought after sneaker and what drives them to do it. The film allows for viewers to journey through inner drive and passion of British sneaker culture. To attend the screening of the documentary at rime click here for the Eventbrite.Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 1.13.48 PM

Rime’s Susan Boyle As Guest Panelist at #SHEBOSS

Coming off of the successful grand re-opening of rime’s Brooklyn location, rime’s founder Susan Boyle is set to be a part of the panel for the #SHEBOSS series event, The Boys Club: How To Decipher The Bro Code. The #SHEBOSS series is all about empowered women. For the last #SHEBOSS of the season the panel is filled with women who are making their way through male dominated industries. The panel will consist of writer/director Tamara Carter, Designer and stylist Meghan Ann Wilson, Deputy Managing Editor of  The Bleacher Report Adena Andrews and rime’s very own Susan Boyle, who will all be discussing how and what it’s like to succeed in male dominated spaces. To hear what these ladies have to say, and pick up a few tips, click on the image below for info on attending the panel event. Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 2.20.08 PM

Incorp[HER]ated Event.

On November 18th, 2017, “Incorp[HER]ated,” founded by Khiana Lowe and Brittany Edwards, launched a very noble and empowering event called “Straight to Feet” in New York City.  The goal of “Straight to Feet” was to make the point that the  “underwhelming number of women highlighted in sneaker culture does not accurately reflect the number of women present in the game”. The event’s goal was to inspire and empower the next generation of young women and men, and to highlight the importance of inclusion to push them to confidently pursue their passions. Sneakers were the vessel used to execute the mission of working as a team to create a cohesive message on a product, which in theory could be sold to a mass market of young women and men. The students were divided into four teams and were all assigned a mentor to work with their team help them execute their ideas on the designated sneaker for the project, a classic Reebok Club C. Once ready, all the teams presented their design to an audience of event attendees (talk about pressure). All four teams did a great job of presenting their designs BUT, their could only be one winner. A tough task indeed for the judges – a group made up of the workshop mentors, Sean of OSD, and Susan Boyle of Rime NYC. The winning design team received a prize AND, their actual sneaker is currently on display at the ONLY woman owned sneaker Boutique in New York City, Rime NYC (at the Brooklyn location). After the design presentation, the audience (which included all the young ladies who participated in the design challenge as well as a wider audience of general attendees) were able to experience a panel which featured some very inspiring women who are professionals in the footwear industry in various capacities. This panel of esteemed women included: Erin Mintun (formerly of ColeHaan and Nike), Joy Yoon (Adidas), Jazerai Allen-Lord (Crush and Lovely), Alisa Nevita (For The Kick of It), and Darcy Krinsky (Reebok); and covered topics ranging from technology in the industry to sentiments around Hypebeast culture. With materials provided by Reebok, and the Brooklyn Shoe Space, and the wonderful facilities donated by Galvanize NYC. There was amazing execution of this first event by Incorp[HER]ated. They executed their mission and handled it all with tremendous humility and class. I look foward to their next event. Congrats to Brittany and Khiana of Incorp[HER]ated. 20171118_150321 20171118_154952 Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 2.15.39 PM Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 2.16.04 PM

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