The ladies over at Cozy Girl Squad, a collective of women who use the Cozygirlsquad.com platform that unifies women who are part of streetwear and sneaker culture, are hosting an event called C.A.K.E. with House Of Malcolm on April 29th. Cozy Girl Squad platform is a collective of  women shining a light on the things they find attractive and feminine while abandoning society’s idea of what that is. The squad allows women to see that confidence is more important than what is expected from them to be ladylike. . It’s a platform to discuss, learn and connect, without judgement on what it means to be a woman in love with streetwear culture.  C.A.K.E stands for chicks. art. kicks. the exhibition, a fusion of art and fashion, showcasing sneaker themed art by female artists. All artwork will be centered around sneaker culture from the ladies perspective. rime is a sponsor for the event, giving away two pairs of Reebok Diamond Ventilators. for more info head to chicksartkicks.splashthat.com.

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The ladies over at Cozy Girl Squad, a collective of women who use the Cozygirlsquad.com platform that unifies women who are part of streetwear and sneaker culture, are hosting an event called C.A.K.E. with House Of Malcolm. C.A.K.E stands for chicks. art. kicks. the exhibition, a fusion of art and fashion, showcasing sneaker themed art by female artists. All artwork will be centered around sneaker culture from the ladies perspective. rime is a sponsor for the event, giving away two pairs of Reebok Diamond Ventilators. for more info head to chicksartkicks.splashthat.com.

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Lauch Party for Susan Verde’s Children’s Book, My Kicks

Children’s book writer, Susan Verde is celebrating her the launch of her latest book, My Kicks on April 9th, at Books of Wonder. The book is about growing up and letting go, told through a boy’s attachment to his favorite pair ope sneakers. The launch will also coordinate with Soles4Souls.com, so parents and children are encouraged to bring a pair of gently worn sneakers to donate. Children will also be able to design their own pair of shoelaces. For more information click here.



Caroll Lyn is a Dutch artist that goes by CAREAUX. The graphic designer has a strong social media presence, she’s a sneaker head who reimagines everyday ideas and objects int romantic, feminine illustrations on canvas. For spring, she teams up with PUMA for a collection that reflects on significant people in her life’s journey. Her floral pattern, Dedication Flower, became the artist’s signature after she realized it to find beauty and strength in dark, difficult times. The colorful, optimistic motif reflects her personality, throughout the PUMA x CAREAUX collection. The collection is inspired by the artist’s travel through asia. Available at rime locations are the reiterations of the PUMA Basket, one is constructed out of a lush neutral suede color with velcro strap closure, while the other takes on the artist signature tringular style in hues of blue, with fat laces. 

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Fiorucci Making A Comeback?

Fiorucci was one of the most talked about department stores of its time, and its legacy has continued on long after the doors closed. The store was known for its quirky, yet sexy finds and can be credited for starting Madonna’s career, one of Fiorucci’s jewelry designer found black rubber rings in a plumbing store in Tokyo, which she turned into bracelets for her friend, Madonna. The 59th Street shop was described as a daytime Studio 54, where it was a mix of rebellious fashionistas, artists and suburban teenagers. Cherubs became known for something else besides love and Valentines day, it became Firoucci’s logo and at times took on the Fiorucci spirit by donning them in accessories and sunglasses, which appealed to the out-of-box-thinkers who loved the stores, even more. Those simple off-the-wall changes are what made Fiorucci great. Elio Fiorucci sought out peculiar things for the department store, recruiting young designers like Betsy Johnson, not to mention being the first to create skin tight skinny jeans. Now the brand and name is being revived by Janie and Stephen Schaffer, who are starting off by releasing a jeans line that embodies that sexy Fiorucci spirit. Tees and sweatshirts will be offered as well, with an underwear and swimwear line to follow and eventually a store. But the revival of the Firucci shop isn’t new, back in 2001 Edwin Jeans, the Japanese Brand the Schaffers purchased Fiorucci from, opened a store in New York City’s Noho area on Broadway—you know, where the big Urban Outfitters is. Back in ’01 the crisp white department store, although flanked with quirky, artsy items that made Firorucci fantastic, it was dominated by Edwin Jeans items. There weren’t those skintight jeans the brand was known for, instead they were silhouettes by Edwin Jeans. What will make this revival successful is if the authenticity of Fiorucci is in place while modernizing it to be reintroduced to a new generation. The Schaffers seem to be on the right track, as they took inspiration for the jeans from the archives and even worked with Elio Fiorucci’s pattern maker. The thing about Firorucci’s sexy was that it was playful and not lewd, Elio’s campaigns featured groups of diverse women who were seductive in a genuine way. They looked, happy and self aware which gave an empowered vibe, and that is what the Schaffers have to live up to. In times like now, that fierce optimism and fun is needed.

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Vetements Does A Knockoff Of A Knockoff Of Their Jacket

Vestments has become one of the most talked about young brands over the past few seasons. With their unexpected, secretive collaborations and Soviet aesthetic, the brand has become the unpredictable baby of the fashion world. The brand created a black raincoat a few seasons ago, it was an extra-long-sleeved windbreaker with the brand’s name across the back in white block letters, on the front was subtle gold lettering. The rain cot quickly sold out. Then came along Vetememes, a parody brand that released its own take on the popular jacket, with the back reading; Vetememes. Vestments’ Demna Gvasalia was flattered by the knock off and hoped that the creator had fun making it as he did making his. But instead of just re-releasing the jacket that created such a craze, Gvasalia elevated by knocking off the knock off me by Vetememes, and releasing it in limited supply, exclusively at MatchesFashion. Vestments’ new knockoff- inspired jacket , called the “official fake”, is tongue in cheek, even more than the original, or the knockoff. On the back of the latest jacket is the actual definition of a raincoat, “a water-resistant coat worn to protect the body from rain”. They say imitation is the best flattery, the ball’s in your court Vetememes.

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Kanye, Kanye, Kanye!

Many might not have thought that the narrative surrounding Kanye would have went the way it has, if we just used College Dropout as a template for said narrative. Kanye has always been an outspoken individual, there’s the “Bush doesn’t care about black people,” comment and that infamous Taylor Swift incident that neither one of them seem to be able to get away from, even us as a public can’t seem to avoid it. Since October, Kanye, and his loved ones, have dominated pop culture news. From Kim’s robbery, where he had to stop a show to rush to be by her side, and very rightfully s0—the incident was so traumatic that Kim still hasn’t returned to the public eye or social media, mediums that shaped her popularity and fame. After the incident, Kanye went on tangents about his close pal Jay-Z, accusing him of not calling to check in after the robbery, even revealing that Blue-Ivy and North have never had a play date. Then he cancelled shows and we heard he was hospitalized. Kanye has said before “I might not be perfect, but my music is.” This sentiment is coming from a true artist’s heart. Subconsciously he might have known as long as the music is good so is he, or at least in the eyes of his peers and the public he would be. But after the robbery, watching his outgoing wife become a recluse and the lack of calls from Jay afterwards might have ignited past incidents, like the loss of his mother, he might have thought “Who do I trust now?”, leading to paranoia and low-lows of depressive states and erratic behavior, causing him to be hospitalized. Kanye emerged from the rock he was under and one of the first things he did was meet with Trump. The public, his fans, might have thought this meeting was unlike Kanye, considering his comment about Bush. Many resorted to calling him names like coon, because Trumps campaign rhetoric was a force of fear peddling, blatant racism and sexism. As a black man with a platform this meeting might have been a way to understand where Trump’s head is at. He might have wanted to make sure that his black son and daughter would not have to suffer at the policies that Trump has in mind, as that saying goes, keep your enemies close. Artists are geniuses at their crafts, because no one can do what they can the way they do it, but theres also the fear of rejection or never being good enough, even for those at the top like Kanye, those feelings never go away because once at the top you want to stay there. These could all be factors in his hospitalization. One major characteristic of the artist’s genius is unpredictability and Kanye has revealed that many times before, but the meeting with the President-Elect was his biggest act, with many saying he has lost it. He has the resources, platform that allows him to meet with the next president no matter their differences on the issues. For now Kanye seems to be all right, as we saw from some images after his hospitalization where he’s smiling. Everything that led up to this hospitalization, especially the rants, are all part of his personality, so if you can’t handle his unpredictability and outspoken behavior, then whats the point of liking his music? Those things allow him to create, his eccentricities, or the “crazy” as what most call it, is what fuels his art. There’s sure to be more boundary pushing from Kanye to come. 

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Monclear’s Winter Eyewear Collection

The days are getting shorter and theres already a chill in the air, but that doesn’t mean sunglasses should be put in storage. Monclear has revealed a striking range of eyewear for fall. The french apparel offers a variety of frames varying from rectangular, round and a pair of steampunk-influenced lunettes with leather side shields. The color palette ranges from  bright red, blue, sleek ivory, deep violet and light brown. These are some stylish sunglasses to shield your eyes from that fall sunlight.

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Baja East Spring/Summer 2017

Duo John Targon and Scott Studenberg showed a collection filled go grunge glamor and Los Angeles street culture. The brand interpreted L.A’s laid back vibe by using conventional silhouettes with unexpected use of colors and textiles. There was a slouchy tropical feel to the clothes. Super-cool-chic silhouettes dominated the collection, like that soft frayed pin-striped jacket, worn tucked into a pair of polished cream pants that were finished with tuxedo strip beaded fringe. The duo also jumped onto the concert merch trend by printing their likeness drinking herbal refreshments on crewnecks. There was an emphasis on shoulders as tops bared cutouts and crewnecks and jackets drapped off the shoulders in a nice grunge-y way. The footwear ranged from slides to sneakers, no heels, heightening the casual laid back feel. Stand outs include the grey pinstripe slip dress, the pink sleeveless skirt suit, that nicely oversized python moto-jacket and the bandanas on the heads of the models. Although inspired by L.A the pieces are definitely New York City ready.

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Hood By Air Spring/Summer 2017

Shane Oliver’s Hood By Air is a brand known for its avant-garde prowess. The way Oliver executes androgyny is cool and unapologetic. HBA shows are attending by the art-world and underground club kids, which makes sense, because the clothes are pretty out there, they’re appreciated by the artists and wanted by the club kids. Adding to the artsy vibe Oliver had Wolfgang Tillmans walking in the show, who is best known for his photography–he shot the cover of Frank Ocean’s Blond–Tillmans also has a long relationship with avant-garde music and fashion, the younger artists in attendance were surely starstruck. This season Oliver partnered with Pornhub, displaying the infamous site’s logo on a few pf the more intimate pieces, like tanks and underwear. Although some of the pieces could be reserved for editorials, some are everyday ready. Oliver’s spin on a band tee took inspiration, or promotion of his collaboration on music with London based electronic producer Arca. Wench, the name of the musical collaboration, was seen throughout the collection, spelled out in big bold letters on tees, on name labels, at the cuffs of hooded blazers, on button downs that were molded into halter neck tops and backless blouses. There were some Wall Street inspirations, as traditional suiting were tied together with HBA’s distinct streetwear and androgynous marks, like a suit turned into a zippered jumpsuit, or a suit with off the shoulder details and a corset underneath. The slogan tees that the brand started with are updated by logo polo shirts with the word hustler printed on them. Some of the standouts included the parachute pants, the duffle bags dragged behind models that were attached to chains and the guilted blue coat, which at first glance looks like bathrobe. As usual, Oliver’s collection was forward thinking.

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