Nike Celebrates Brooklyn And Biggie With Graphic Tees And Jersey

Fashion, Footwear

Nike’s latest tees and jerseys celebrates New York’s borough of Brooklyn, merging the iconic with the present. The apparel features symbols that represent Brooklyn born Biggie Smalls and the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. Like a team logo fitted with a crown, a nod to an iconic image of Biggie Smalls. When Biggie rose to fame, Brooklyn was always with him, with that infamous line “spread love the Brooklyn way” still synonymous with the borough and Biggie. The special Music Edition of the Brooklyn Nets Swing man Jersey honors the hip-hop legend with “Biggie” and “72″ graphics, a nod to his birth year. The jersey also features a colorful pattern at the sides that resembles those Coogie sweaters Biggie wore. These are currently available at rime’s Brooklyn location.Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 2.06.53 PM