Shantell Martin X PUMA

Fashion, Footwear

PUMA has teamed up with British-born and New York Based visual artist Shantell Martin on a collection that incorporates signature elements from her work, with PUMA’s Clyde and Suede silhouettes. Martin is known for her stream-of-consciousness drawings and light projections, Martin combines whimsical with autobiography, bridging the gap between fine art, performance art and everyday life. The collection features PUMA’s classic styles ¬†with Martin’s identifiable illustrations and lettering. The monochromatic looks utilize premium materials and intricate details, that are both light hearted and existential. Inspired by Martin’s distinct creative DNA and her passion for self-discovery, the collection combines PUMA’s innovative designs to create a bold offering. Included are the iconic court classics, the PUMA Suede and Clyde, also included as a women’s specific release is the Platform Strap silhouette, there’s also an apparel offering that matches the footwear, including a two layer jacket and jumpsuit. The collection is bold, playful and extremely stylish.¬†18SS_SP_Select_ShantellMartin_Q1_0417_RGB-1 18SS_SP_Select_ShantellMartin_Q1_CLYDE_SM_0368_RGB 18SS_SP_Select_ShantellMartin_Q1_CLYDE_SM_0360_RGB 18SS_SP_Select_ShantellMartin_Q1_CLYDE_RAW_SM_0750_RGB 18SS_SP_Select_ShantellMartin_Q1_PLATFORM_STRAP_0495_RGB 18SS_SP_Select_ShantellMartin_Q1_SUEDE_SM_0706_RGB Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 2.26.38 PM