Nike’s Los Primeros Collection

Art, Fashion, Footwear

Nike is celebrating Latin Heritage Month with the Los Primeros collection. Latin Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15, and Nike has decided to release the four silhouettes of the collection over the time of the month. Each model is created in partnership with four Latino street artists. Each sneaker comes with special graphics on the upper as well as the accompanying shoe bags. Rime is set to release the Air Max 1 on September 15 and the Cortez on the 22nd. The Air Max 1 is reworked by Chilean artist WASAFU, whose murals can be found around Santiago Chile. His signature style comes from his coupled passion for art and architecture. Inspired by nomads, particularly the On a People of Patagonia, who for centuries have migrated from unforgiving conditions seeking opportunity and hope. WASAFU’s artwork on The Air Max 1 is a representation of their self-expression through ceremonial body paint. The bold red and white stripes contrasts nice against the clean white and grey geometric pattern. Another Chilean artist takes over the rework of the Cortez silhouette, INTI takes his name from the Incan sun god and the Quechua word for the sun, as a homage to his Chilean roots. His work reflects the cities of Chile, where expressive Latin music and chaotic cityscapes allows art to thrive. His design on the cortez is made of patches and symbols of different cultures of the Americas, coming together in on design, depicting the American continent as a single territory. The all over purple pattern is broken up by black suede accents, a solid purple Swoosh and the artist’s name on the heels in white. The WASAFU Air Max 1 is available at rime locations on September 15 and the INTI Cortez is available on the 22nd. 

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