Married to The Mob Holiday 2016

New York based brand Married To The Mob’s seasonal collection is filled with attitude. The street-wear focused, female empowered brand offers on trend bomber jackets, camouflage separates and the usual bitchisms, ranging from “Special Bitch” to “Hard job Being Good”. The “Please” turtleneck crop top is one of the stand outs, including the camo windbreaker with reflective detailing. There are two version of a MTTm baseball jersey, one in the camo print and the other in olive. A dad hat and air freshener rounds out the range. It’s another stellar offering from MTTM.

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Kylie Jenner Models PUMA’s Fierce KRM Trainer

Back in March, as PUMA’s latest brand ambassador, Kylie debuted the PUMA Fierce. The reality star is back to debut the latest upgrade to the silhouette, the fierce KRM Trainer. The lightweight model has demi height slip-on construction and a supportive midsole. It’s an easy on the go work out shoe with its laceless design. A delicate 3D lace-like pattern covers the upper, with the Fierce’s trademark neoprene. They’re available in Black, Olive, Winetasting and Whisper White.

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October’s Very Own Fall/Winter 2016

Drake’s October’s Very Own shows us that Toronto knows street-wear too. The collection’s focus is on the colder months with the outerwear offerings. There is everything from tees, polo shirts, hoodies and cargo pants. There is even a collaboration with Canada Goose on some of their staple coats, as well as fur trimmed coats and dad hats. The camouflage aren’t just done in the traditional color palette of greens and browns, instead they’re either in bright orange, pale blue hues or black and white. The stand outs are the faux-fur coat and denim set that has that early 2000′s rap video vibe to them. Each piece of the collection is stamped with OVO’s branding. 

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Stüssy Holiday 2016 Release

Stüssy’s casual American street-wear vibe is alive in their holiday offering. Everything is included from cabs, beanies, button downs, hoodie and bomber jackets. The stand outs are the bomber jackets which come in a pearl-white and a black, both with palm tree embroidered details. The hoodies are logo blasted, as expected from the brand in a red, dusty blue and black. The button-downs, although smart, still has that street edge in the fit and the plaid one, of course, is very grunge. The beanies are cozy and warm, ideal for the colder season, while raglan tops and tonal embroidered caps round out the range with the Stüssy SoCal vibe.

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The Coogi Sweater Dress For Fall/Winter 2016

Australian brand Coogi struck american fame with Dr.Huxtable wearing the now infamous sweaters on The Cosby show, but its rise in street-wear culture was due to rapper Biggie Smalls love for the colorful sweaters. Since then the brand has been synonymous with hip-hop and street-wear culture, relaunching in 2014 with headquarters in New York City. Now the brand has something exclusively for the ladies, and although the silhouettes might not be appropriate for the colder season, because of the body hugging silhouettes in a halter and a long sleeve with back lacing versions, the dresses can be purchased and held in the back of the closet until the weather warms up.

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Timberland X Opening Ceremony Unisex “Convenience” Collection

Timberland is a brand that has been a part of street-wear culture for a long time, making its way into hip-hop culture by way of rap artists feet. But even before their debut in music videos, Timberland was loved by street-wear culture, music artists elevated the look of outdoor boots on concrete. Opening Ceremony has been a street-wear staple since 2002, and have been collaborating with Timberland since 2009. Timberland and Opening Ceremony are back with another collar for fall. This time around the Opening ceremony reimagined the classic work boot in rich earth colors inspired by the natural landscapes of U.S. The unisex range is crafted with premium tonal leathers. Gone are the Timberland’s signature laces, instead, the reimagined boot takes on a unique, wide elastic strap lace- system. The silhouette is a modern take on the original, ready to brave the elements of the colder season in the city.

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Disney Collaborates With Lazy Oaf, And It’s A Cool Homage To The Characters Everyone Loves

U.K based Lazy Oaf is known for their weirdly-quirky street-wear aesthetic, so a collaboration with Disney is a perfect match to create some great pieces. Disney has been a part of our lives since birth, whether it was wearing a Mickey onesie or taking on plastic tiaras, in the recent years high fashion has taken their Disney appreciation up a level.There have been many of fashion’s take on Disney, with classic designers doing more of a grown up feel, but Disney paired with Lazy Oaf’s aesthetic gives all the nostalgic vibes needed for a great collaboration. There are influences from The Aristocrats, with pink and baby-blue denim pieces inspired by Marie from the movie and a pastel hoodie that is Cinderella’s street-wear alter ego. Of course there are Mickey Mouse pieces, but what makes it such a great collaboration is the marriage of Disney inspiration and on trend silhouettes that are very 90s, like the black and white striped short sleeve high-neck top. The spotted coat inspired by 101 Dalmatians has a grunge feel to it, think Courtney Love during the the height of Hole. Some of the pieces are so reminiscent of another time that its ok to pretend if they’re thrifted. The Mickey cords have that high waisted fit seen on female skaters in SoCal in the 90s. Some of the pieces are more out there than others, like the denim shirt with frills, that surely would’ve been a part of a Disney collection in 1988, then there is the Mickey overall dress thats all types of nostalgic that fits right into today. Major Stand outs include the oversized red cable-knit sweater and the Mickey beret, complete with Mickey ears. The collection is a throwback to the beloved characters of Disney we all grew up with, but yet, has the right amount of trend appeal that even the most stylish would want. 

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Crep Protect

The U.K based Crep Protect, is revolutionizing how to protect your favorite, expensive kicks. Those nights out of spilling drinks on your sneakers, or getting stepped on, are no longer going to ruin your sneakers. Crep Protect keeps your sneakers box fresh, it doesn’t matter if they’re leather, suede, nubuck or canvas, Crep Protect will repel liquids. The product is a spray that produces an invisible protective coat over footwear, beading liquids to reduce stain and dirt deposits. The repel of liquids make cleaning as simple as the wipe of a cloth. The protectant can last up to approximately two weeks, and is easy to use with just a spray application and drying quickly. Rime has Crep Protect on hand, so stop by and grab some to be a step ahead with keeping your sneakers right.

Women’s Nike Air Max Thea SE In Metallic

The women’s Nike Air Max thea is everything needed in a running shoe, it’s super light, durable and comfortable, construct it in a striking metallic color, and it becomes a perfect everyday sneaker. The upper is constructed from breathable textiles, and uses synthetic and leather overlays to provide support, while remaining liugtwetght. The midsole is injected with Pylon for a cushiony feel, a visible Air-Sole unit to absorb shock and a Solarsoft sock-liner, to provide comfort   during all day wear. These are currently available at rime locations.

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Dad Hats, A Thriving Street-wear Trend

A few years ago mom/dad jeans became a thing on the trend radar. It’s unexpected when stereotypes ignite a fashion-trend craze, it might have taken a while to realize that the high waisted jean silhouette from the 80s didn’t just look good on moms, but eventually becoming a booming fashion trend for a new generation. It seems as though dad hats have become the mom jeans 2.0. Dad hats are generally associated with suburban 40-year-olds-plus, they rock them on family vacations, corporate conventions and retreats, the accessory is even associated with the most famous father in the country, just think of President Obama on vacation in Hawaii in jeans and a polo, shielding his eyes from the sun in a cap. They’re usually unstructured, made of cotton and traditionally feature a mediocre embroidery, like, Barb’s birthday retreat, but yet, they have knocked the snapback off of the heads of many of hip-hop and fashion insiders stylish heads. Dad hats have taken center stage as a staple accessory, the typically solid, cotton pieces are now embroidered with some type of logo or pop-culture reference. They can be dressed up or go a more casual route, just take some styling inspiration from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, or even North West. Well rime has an assortment readily available for you to take on the trend, stop by and check out our selection.

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