Fila Get Nostalgic For Fall/Winter 2016 With Their Fila Black Line.

Fila has been having a revival lately and stepping their game up a bit, like being a part of Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Fila revealed their 2016 fall/winter Black Line, which is a sports themed line with premium appeal, and takes inspiration from a time when the brand was flying high as a street-wear giant, late ’80s and early ’90s. The brand was worn by some of hip=hop’s pioneers of the time, Tupac and TLC are just a few. The Fila Black Line range for fall 2016, offers updated, modern twists on styles of this time. Using bold colors, graphics and an eclectic mix of silhouettes and athletic elements, the range reflects a a time when pop culture’s style influence was sports obsessed. Statement graphics and the bold color palette are reminiscent of the brand’s glory days. Fila’s connection with music and pop-culture of the past is evident in the silhouettes and styling of the pieces.  There are contemporary twists on classic designs of sportswear items, such as pullovers, joggers, and hoodies. The range is nice take on the 90s style rebirth.

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Rihanna’s Latest Creeper Colorway

The creeper was the first shoe by the rihanna and Puma partnership. The platform sneaker continue stop sell out worldwide. The latest release is done in a rich suede leather upper camo print with waxed laces, gold branding and a gum platform sole. The bold orange print of the camp is a nice contrast against the stand out platform sole. to get your hands on a pair stop by rime’s Brooklyn location tomorrow July 28th or check out our website here.

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Regista By Adidas Originals For Fall/Winter 2016

Street-wear, fashion and sport are influences that make up the adidas Originals brand, so it’s no surprise that the fall/winter 2016 collection for their Regista line takes on these influences. The range blends all three aspects into a cohesive and modern look. The pieces, for men and women, feature ingenious design and construction, using premium fabrics and technical details that is taken from the Freizeit collection released in the 70s. Freizet was a collection know for its understated designs and quiet technical details. Adidas has created a natural progression from the 70s aesthetic, to create a modern collection. The pieces take on pleated construction and interesting cuts, showcasing a a nice marriage between contemporary, fashion-forward sensibilities and classic sportswear. Technical elements to the pieces include tricot construction, laser-cut pockets and reflective details. The dark color palette and the possibilities of layering the pieces, allows the collection’s inspiration to become very 2016.

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Weaving Shibusa, A Documentary About How Japanese Denim Is Made.

Following the second World War, Levis-clad soldiers arrived in Japan, jeans became a form of rebellion in a society that was trying to rebuild itself following the aftermath of the war. During that time jeans became a statement of nonconformity for Japanese teens, a ticket to the romanticized optimism of youthful Americana. Today, Japan makes some of the most authentic reproductions of denim, establishing their own localized industry for a high-in-demand product. Weaving Shibusa explores the revival of denim in Japan, delving into an industry that prides itself on its attention to detail. The documentary gives insight to the industry in Japan through the POV of the vintage experts, the “Osaka 5″. These artisans sourced many of the original shuttle looms that help make denim in the traditional way that has become known as the highest quality possible.The documentary goes to acclaimed denim spots around the country and interviews the denim enthusiasts behind them. Japanese denim is not only about the materials, machinery and techniques that goes into it, but also the people and ideas behind the process. Weaving Shibusa explores the passion and insight behind Japanese denim, but also asks the question; what is the future of the garments and industry that is rooted in the past? The documentary uses original access to meet the artisans behind the weave, giving a look at one of the most premium industries. Check out the trailer below.



Sacai’s Quilted Drawcord Shirt

Sacai’s aesthetic is firmly planted in their Japanese roots, with the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to the littlest details, while using fabrics and patterns that are high fashion and western styled. Although it might be a little too early to think about outerwear pieces, the drawcord shirt by Sacai has a reimagined Americana and preppy vibe that meets street-wear. It is made from custom black watch plaid in Japan. The shirt is detailed with a patch chest pocket, grow-grain placket taping, a snap bottom button and a drawcord hem with a toggle cinch adjustment and has been garment washed, giving a worn-in feel. It’ll make a nice layering piece for the colder climate ahead.


Fenty Creepers In Camo Available At Rime July 28th

Rihanna and Puma continue their successful collaboration relationship with their latest drop. Riding on the popularity of the Fenty Creeper silhouette, the duo are set to drop a new color-way of the sneaker. The Camo Creeper exudes Rihanna’s personal style, it’s eclectic and bold. Done in a striking orange camouflage print upper, which is made of a rich suede leather. The contest between the gum sole and lively orange hued upper allows it to stand out boldly. To get your hands on a pair head to rime’s Brooklyn location on July 28th or you can find them on our website here.


Obey X Bad Brains

In the late 70s a Bad Brains fused reggae with punk, creating a sound in the punk genre that as all their own. The band’s music was a commentary on their cultural and political views, showcasing what punk and reggae was all about, which garnered them a dedicated following. The collection is a marriage of old and new, original flyers, images of the group and the band’s classic graphics are mixed with updated interpretations. The bold mix of retro-iconic vibes with modernity is seen throughout the unisex collection. Military jackets and button ups takes on the style of the band, with original Obey graphics, that gives the pieces a fresh look. Classic Bad Brains iconography, like the lightning bolt striking the U.S capital building, as well as bright colored images that represent the combination of reggae and punk that helped put Bad Brains on the map are seen on t-shirts. The cookbook captures the essence of the band and a time in music when the band flourished, with models caught mid-mosh, flailing arms The collection pays tribute to the band’s influence on a sub-culture of  times past, while introducing a newer generation to a Bad Brains’ music and message.

DSphoto-15-4-620x413 DSphoto-8-1 BADBRAINS-COLLECTION-3 DSphoto-5-1 BADBRAINS-COLLECTION-6 obey-x-bad-brains-available-at-select-stockists-this-august-online


Stan Smith Goes Pastel Pink

Adidas have released white and red, white and blue and white and green versions of the Stan Smith Primeknit, their shoe of the summer. The Stan Smith Primeknit is extremely lightweight and breathable because of its knit upper and mesh liner. Now theres another color to complement the sunny days, an all over pale pink color-way. Although it’s called the Semi Pink, they’re full on pink, from the knit upper, mesh liner, rubber sole and matching laces. This tonal pink rendition would look great on men as well as the ladies.


Levi’s Is Bringing Back The 505s

It’s 2016 and denim has become a staple in every closet. The textile can be worn as a dress or shirt to the office, and of course there are the jeans. A pair of jeans today transitions from work to play easily. Back in the 60s Levi’s became a brand, a symbol of hard work, specifically in the 501 cut, then came the 505. The 505 was a the cut that saw the seats of bar stools in rock bars or leaned against walls watching a band play. The 505 became the anti-jean; the ant-war and anti-government advocates uniform, it also became the consistent piece of clothing for punk rockers congregating at establishments like CBGB. The 505s were seen on album covers for bands like The Ramones. Fashion has always been about the retro, looking to the past for inspiration. Fast forward through the years, girls began began scurrying vintage shops for a pair of 505s to complete their bad-ass looks, searching for that zip fly goodness and jeans that would make their rear ends look like inverted hearts. Well Levi’s took note of the consumers wants, and brought back the 505s. The brand have released the 505c, which is a remake of the style with its punk roots in tact, with a zip fly and that heavy non-stretch fabric in a slimmer cut. The styles are named after the punk stars that made them famous, like the Joey or the Patti. The 505c is all about the combination of fit and lifestyle. Perfect for the rebel in you, the 505c are sure to garner some compliments when worn. 

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Kaanas At Rime

Kanaal is a brand started by two sisters, Liliana and Natalia Acevedo. Inspired by traditional Wayuu patterns discovered on a trip to the Caribbean Coast of Colombia,  the sisters wanted to design a collection that would deliver the distinctive appeal found on the coast, such as the tenacity of the women there and their creations. Kaanas is a Wayuu word used to describe the intricate designs of their textiles, a legend tale is said that a spider taught the women of the tribe how to weave to sustain themselves. Today the Wayuu women continue to use weaving as a way to support themselves and their families. The Acevedo sisters set out with a new take on the traditional espadrille, combining century-old textile designs with a modern silhouette, creating a chic slip-on perfect for any season. Each pair of Kaanas shoe is made by handing a small artisanal shop in Colombia. The incorporation of distinct textiles sourced from around the world has evolved into simple chic silhouettes great for stylish everyday wear. The sneaker below is made of handcrafted leather, with a textured rubber outsole and contrasting color toe cap. The footbed is done in padded leather for extra comfort, it is also lined in leather. Stop by rime’s Upper east Side location for a pair of Kaanas.


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