Nike Air Huarache Ultra BR Navy

Nike has been delivering the Huarache Ultra Br in a variation of vibrant colors, making the light weight sneaker an inevitable purchase for the summer months. Now for those not into the bright color options, theres a chic navy option of the classic silhouette, with its slimed down profile, neoprene slip-on construction and mesh upper, making the sneaker extremely breathable for the warmer weather. These are currently available at both rime locations or go to our website here.


Pharrell X Adidas Delivers Pink Beach

The stylish pop star has teamed up with adidas again to offer a collaboration that is ideal for the beach. The collection, made up of both footwear and apparel, takes on the bold designs of adidas with Pharrell’s own artwork. The playful arworkt is either printed or embroidered, which gives off a luxe vibe. The olive green short and shirt combo is decorated with the musician’s designs. The sport jacket is tapered at the wrists and waist and is embroidered with the code 528HZ on the back, the code is the frequency that creates healing vibrations for the mind, body and soul. The sneaker selection are similar to the Stan Smith silhouette, just reimagined as an easy beach footwear option. The elastic slip on and elastic lace up options used moulded nubuck heels and stretch patch-tape uppers, that are available in white with the signature green heel tab or a stripe version. The footwear are a irresistible options for the sunny weather. The lace up white pair have a textured tongue and an abstract take on the signature heel tab. While the slip on version takes on a more futuristic look, with the high textured front collar and tonal white midst strap. And the striped version mimic the same silhouettes in earthier tones. The second delivery of the collection is said to offer summer staples for guys, girls and kids, ranging from bikinis, tanks, tees, culottes, jackets and leggings, along with a poncho made from water-resistant mesh.

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NikeLab’s Transforming Jacket

NikeLab continues to deliver innovative products, the latest is a jacket that boasts a two-in-one system. The multilayered outerwear features two layers, a water-proof shell connected by straps to a Nike Tech fleece layer. The heel can be worn as a backpack or kept in the back pocket of the Nike Tech fleece liner. Both ways of wearing the jacket when the outer shell isn’t being used gives different looks, storing it in the back pocket of the liner gives a streamlined look. Each piece of the jacket can be worn separately, but what’s great is how the pieces come together to withstand the weather elements, while eliminating multiple layers. To convert the jacket from two layers to one, just remove the shell and pull on the front straps to start the packing. To use the shell you remove it fro the pocket and pull down the back strap. And the process of doing either is hassle free, transforming the jacket effortless. Combined with the Tech Fleece and outer shell, the wearer is ready for cooler and wetter climates in one. Check out the video below.


Atomic Pink Nike Air Huarache

Nike has been adding some lively colors to their Huarache models. Theres been a total neon invasion with the Ghost Green and Total Crimson color ways of the Huarache BR. Now there’s an electric pink, almost like a neon salmon color, done to the Huarache Run. The model stays true the the construction, with the pink taking over the entire upper as the sole is in a crisp contrasting white. Theses are currently available at rime locations.


WBW: married To The Mob Spring 2016

Staying true to the brand’s tough New York street-wear aesthetic, Married To The Mob delivers a Spring 2016 collection full of attitude. There are pieces sold separately that can be viewed as sets like the grey leggings and sports bra set. the Sports bra has a high neck, with an adjustable zipper, that can effortlessly be paired with a pair of boyfriend jeans. And the paneled leggings have zippers, that look great with the bra as work-out gear. Other pieces include crop tops, muscle tees with the MTTM traditional bitchisms that are expected from the band. There is a floral pattern that takes over shorts, a jersey and track jacket, that could easily brighten up any outfit. The simplicity of the black logo dress is a nice offering, it transitions nicely fro day to evening, its the little black dress for the MOB girl. Another stand out is the underwear set that is a play on the Calvin Klein underwear branding, also the bra can be worn for a detail affect under a crop top with the MTTM elastic band showing. While some pieces scream confidence its the combination of the subtle pieces that makes the collection very MTTM. Select pieces are currently available at rime locations.

MS16-024.WHT_1024x1024 MS16-216_WHITE_6_MARRIED-TO-THE-MOB_1024x1024 MS16-208_BLACK_3_MARRIED-TO-THE-MOB_1024x1024 MS16-215_WHITE_2_MARRIED-TO-THE-MOB_1024x1024 MS16-219_1024x1024 MS16-207_WHITE_2_MARRIED-TO-THE-MOB_1024x1024 MS16-211_GREY_6_MARRIED-TO-THE-MOB_1024x1024-1 MS16-217_GREY_1_MARRIED-TO-THE-MOB_1024x1024

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breeze In Crimson

Nike continues to reinvent the Huarache, they’ve slimmed it down, incorporated graphics and prints. The latest reinvention is the most breathable version, just in time for the warmer weather. The Nike Huarache Ultra offers a ventilated mesh slip on upper for great breathability. Adding another characteristic ideal for the longer sunny days is the color. The bright tonal orangey-red color makes it a nice summer shoe. These are available at rime locations.


The Resurrection Of The Nike Presto

Nike has been rolling out different color-ways and variations of their model the Presto. Like most trends, looking to the past is an easy and smart way to move evolution ahead by modernizing and updating. The Presto, released in 2000, came about by the feedback of focus groups. Runners wanted more. They wanted light sneakers that gave the same comfortable feeling as slippers. Taking away the feedback from the groups, Tobie Hatfield went off  to work, first creating a sneaker with a curved out ankle. The sizing of the Presto came about when the size 9 prototype fit a size 11 tester, the curved out V at the ankle got rid of tension in the collar and a hinge effect allowed the shoe to grow in length. If a size 11 could fit a size 9, then grouping sizes into small, medium and large seemed like a smart idea, which is where the sneaker gets its T-shirt for the foot nickname. Hatfield adopted the Nike Tee shirt sizing to the Presto. The model went through two more prototypes, with the goal of seamless comfortability in mind, providing more innovations to allow the foot to move naturally. The upper material was important in making the sneaker breathable for runners. The concept  of the Presto happened in the mid ’90s and then finally being released in 2000. All the ideas and wants were realized. The shoe was comfortable, breathable and allow the foot to move freely. Although originally a running shoe, it has branched out into basketball and trail versions over the years. The minimal, lightweight shoe has stood for comfort, but the shoe also gave the world digital printed graphics on sneakers for the first time. The silhouette even evolved into an even more comfortable slip on version, eliminating the mid-foot cage. The silhouette is  being done in different variations, and what could be the cause of this new admiration for the Presto is the original idea of comfort. With time comes better materials and execution. Now the Presto has evolved into the most innovative take on comfortability so far, by using the snug fit of a Nike Flyknit upper. The Air Ultra Flyknit is also the lightest, thanks to the cored out Nike Ultra Sole and redesigned upper. So the resurrection of the Presto is having a golden moment because of the latest premium materials and innovation, to make the already comfortable sneaker, even more so.


White On The Feet For Spring

The air gets warmer, the days get longer, then the clothes get lighter, in both fabric and color. One trend that has stayed around strong is the white sneaker trend. Whether it’s a clean pair of Stan Smiths trekking through the city or a pair of Céline canvas sneakers at a Hamptons BBQ, the time for a white sneaker is back around. below are some options for that white for spring vibe. 



The Nike Air Huarache is  silhouette that has been enjoying a comeback recently. The retro running sneaker makes for comfortable days in the city, because of its sock like upper for a snug like fit and breathability, while the Air -Sole unit is excellent for cushioning. And the tonal all white version of the silhouette makes it a great shoe for spring. 

jon-wexler-talks-adidas-stan-smith-00 FullSizeRender-15 FullSizeRender-16


The adidas Stan Smith model has become the off-court iconic performance shoe. There have been different variations of the silhouette, with slight tweaks like the Raf Simmons Stan Smith or a major overhaul of making it a hightop and brown.  No matter the change, the Stan Smith always keeps it appeal. The latest sees the sneaker take on a slight twist on the trademark heel tab.  The first features a bold pink floral print that leaks into the lining, for a distinct highlight. The Stan logo done in the same bright pink on the tongue. Next there’s the iridescent heel, like the previous, this one only takes on creative freedom on the heel tab. Against the white on white sneaker the patent leather iridescent heel adds a certain something, with the silver and blue hues that glisten when it’s hit by light. No matter the variation, the white on white of the Stan Smith makes it a lovely spring shoe.

FullSizeRender-17 FullSizeRender-18


The classic superstar silhouette is not a trend, it’s a staple. Ever since being ushered into streetwear and hip hop culture by Run DMC in the early ’80s, the sneaker has been risen from the dead and started conversations. It’s one of those silhouettes that doesn’t need too much talking about, it has a big enough reputation. And if you’re more of a hightop fan, theres an option for you too.



Looking to give off the cool laid back SoCal vibe, the Vans SK8 Hi is the sneaker for that. This silhouette has been around since the late ’70s and besides different takes on the sneaker in leather and colors, there hasn’t been any updates. The padded collar and vulcanized sole are still in tact, proving that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. 

*All of the models above are available at rime locations.

OVO Spring 2016

Octobers Very Own latest collection is a range of streetwear staples that includes hoodies, tees, sweatshirts, tracksuits and snapback. Like previous collections from the brand the pieces are kept clean and streamlined by the subtle graphic and embroidery details, allowing the few came pieces to stand out.  Crewnecks, dad hats and lightweight chambray shirts rounds out the collection, that is done in a mostly neutral color palette. 

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Prince’s Impact

Prince is synonymous with sex, from his style to the characteristics of his music—voice and lyrics. At the beginning of his rise in the early ’80s Prince set the tone for his legacy, singing about sex blatantly, with a stage presence and wardrobe to match, making the grimy-sexy trend a lasting one, that took over runways and music for years. He’d set trends every time he performed, and before anyone could become bored of his look, he did, then a new look would be created, a talent another legendary musician possessed, Bowie. Prince became a chameleon. He went from a shirtless Bambi- eyed-afro-wearing-crooner when he first started, progressing into an artists that put his libido on full display, gracing his album covers in underwear or nude, and singing explicitly about sex. Thanks to his lewd sound on his Purple Rain record, Parental Advisory labels began to appear on adult themed records. His style evolved into more visible midriffs, bigger ruffles and surrounded by beautiful lingerie clad women. If you were to ask any run of the mill Prince fan what made them love him so much, this is the Prince they would describe. Yet his androgynous style was groundbreaking for the time, especially as a black artist, where funk artists were completely on the other side of the spectrum, style and lyric wise. The musician went on to speaking out against his record label, another gutsy move for his time, even referring to himself as a slave referencing to his relationship with his record label, even dropping the name Prince. His confidence in his fan base allowed him to go by The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. His overt sexuality didn’t stop, he bared his behind at a televised awards during his performance. But the legend of prince was carried through many other artists, whether through falsetto flooded songs—think Justin Timberlake— or guitar riffs. Prince’s influence has surpassed music genres and generations, influencing almost every modern day R&B artist. There’s been many different textures throughout his career, but they’re all distinctly Prince.



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