Oh New Year’s Eve.

Every hour of December 31st you’re bombarded with the same question in many variations; “What are your plans for the evening?”; “Big New Year’s Celebration Tonight?” and so forth. The thing is, most don’t remember on January 1st what they did the night before. Are New year’s Eve celebrations that important? The eighteen to twenty-something crowd are usually overly excited, getting their outfits together and making sure there are more than just two party options for the evening, hell that seems to be the opinion of most. But what about those that just think of New Year’s Eve as any other night? Are those who prefer not to pour champagne over their heads at midnight while dancing to a Ciara throwback jam in a crowded room of strangers any less “cool”? The night just seems like more of a hassle than it is drummed it to be. You can’t catch a cab, and can you trust the drivers anyway? They might be drunk. You can risk having some lightweight stranger, or friend, barfing all over those new shoes you spent all day shopping for. When asked; “What did you do for new years?”—and you answer “oh Netflix and a large pizza at home by myself.” Is that less of a moment than counting backwards from ten with help from fifty of your closest acquaintances? As if it’s kindergarten all over again? Is it so much better than having a marathon of The Office by yourself, enjoying your own company, as you avoid ruining your prized garments and freshly done hair. New Year’s Eve is overrated, and personal, so no matter how you spend it, it’s your memory. Don’t let anyone, or society, mainly society, make you feel bad for wanting to avoid the madness and enjoying it the way you wanted to. Even if its watching porn while eating a tub of ice cream.



Snobette Sneaker Awards 2015

The Snobette concludes their sneaker awards for the year with Muneerah Moon, one of New York City’s young style aficionados.  Muneerah shares with The Snobette on what kicks the young, cool crowd of NYC are/should be wearing. Check them out over at The Snobette.FullSizeRender-73

Nike Air Huarache Utility

The Nike Huarache gets a an update since its 1991 debut with the Nike Air Huarache Utility model. Nike held on to the mesh slip-on construction and synthetic heel cage for the take on the running shoe. The tape like support on the front toes are reminiscent of the Air Max 1′s mudguard. Flywire cables add support and stability, while nylon ribbon cuts through the heel cage and serves as a lace eyelet. The Safari color-way takes on emerald and yellow neoprene upper, with a reflective-backed safari print from the toes all the way through the sides to the back. A speckled midsole rounds out the look. These are currently available at rime locations.


The Nike Air Max 1Ultra Essential

Nike is looking to bring back the iconic Air Max model in a fresh way. The Nike Air Max Ultra Essential is made of a fuse and mesh upper that gives the show a less bulky look, making it slimmer and more streamlined. They’re built with modern hyperfine constructions with retooled minimalist sole units that make the shoe lighter.  But the classic details that made the shoe iconic are still there, like the classic silhouette and color way, although the neutral grey overlays are now just a fuse construction and the swoosh branding at the sides are screen printed. Stop by the rime locations, where these are currently available.FullSizeRender-71 FullSizeRender-70

More Of Snobette’s 2015 Sneaker Awards

Snobette continues their Sneaker Awards with picks from stylist Megan Ann Wilson. The Parsons Pensole graduate take on sneaker is influenced by an overall look, utilizing her stylists senses. Check out her picks over at The Snobette.


Nike Presto.

Lately sneakers have been straddling the line of performance and casual wear, with a strong comeback in 2015, the latest model to do this is the Nike Presto. Nike is innovative in creating top of the line runner shoes and the Air Presto has joined the ranks as one of them. Snug fit and lightweight construction are the highlights of the shoe. The minimal design shoe is made of Tech Fleece, switching out the earlier models materials of mesh and neoprene for the new material. The shoe is breathable, with a caging system and tonal laces. The Triple Black edition of the shoe stands out amongst the colorful color-ways Nike plans to drop of the shoe in the future. The all black is perfect for the style of a monochrome aesthetic. They’re currently available at both rime locations.


Stussy Lips Bag

To ring in the New Year, the Stussy Lips shaped bag might be a nice statement piece for the night, it screams happy and carefree. You’ll want to leave behind the mistakes, embarrassment and worries of 2015 to ring in the new year with a much more fun attitude, well the bag could at least disguise your troubles from anyone else. The bag in the shape of lips is made of faux patent leather, with a zip closure and shoulder strap.


The Snobette’s 2015 Sneaker Awards.

The Snobette have asked female sneaker insiders their opinion on what their top sneakers of 2015 were. Vancover native,  Rose Raflores of the Canadian streetwear shop Crown the Queens to give her input, her picks would hold some weight with any sneaker-head, male or female. Head over to The Snobette to check em out.


The Blue Mirror Foamposites.

Nike has a number of drops for the end of the year and one of them is the Blue Mirror Foamposite, which is part of the Nike  Basketball “Christmas” Pack. These Foams combine the OG royal with the shiny Chromeposite look— two standout color ways for the silhouette. The upper is done in black while the name comes from the shell, which is a blue tinted mirror, with a translucent outsole to finish off the shoe.  These are available at rime locations.


The Snobette’s Sneaker Awards For 2015

Continuing the Sneaker awards by asking notable women in the industry what their picks were, The Snobette has moved forward with Marina Jimenez AKA Miss Kleckley of Barcelona. Her label and store reflects her fun personality that transcends across social media to read as a powerful brand. Head over to The Snobette to get her top five sneaker picks of the year.


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