Lunar Force Duck Boot

The Nike Lunar Force is a perfect winter shoe. Nike has implemented some tough  details to make the shoe winter ready. The brand has used the duck-boot build in the past to update the basketball silhouette with a more weather ready form. The shoe is waterproof on the upper, d-ring lacing at the top of the collar and extra traction along the outsole, along with a textured material at the the toes.



Available at both rime locations.

The Rihanna X Puma Eskiva

After the success with her creeper, the pop star and Puma has dropped their latest collab, the Eskiva, which comes in mid and high versions.  The mid is a mid-top sneaker done in a tonal perforated leather, contrasted by the Puma stripe on the side panels. There’s a zipper on the inside ankle, making it easy for access. In place of laces there seems to be some sort of covering made to look like fat laces, and a little resemblance to ribbons found on ballet point shoes. The sneaker is rounded out by the gold branding on the tongue. The high is done in the same tonal color way, the perforated leather is only on the tongue, while the rest of the high shoe is crafted in soft leather, with slight overlays in suede. The shoe is inspired by ’60s boxing shoes. The outsole mimics the look of a boxer’s wrapped hand. Unlike the mid, the high version’s laces are workable, for a snug fit.




Available at both rime locations.

What Is This Whole Marc Jacobs Situation Really About


The world wide web-erverse was all in a hissy-fit today when news of designer Marc Jacobs hosting a ten person…party?—was revealed by one of the attendees. News circled around the web about Jacobs’s sex filled party, and as usual, everyone from behind a computer or smartphone screen had an opinion. The story reached the pages of the NY Post, and although it was disguised by the headline: What’s wrong with Marc Jacobs? Mystery of business struggles, bizarre behavior—ok maybe it wasn’t so disguised, it was blatant judgement. The internet’s opinions followed that headline with comments like gross! to Oh boy, he’s on drugs again. But the way Marc handled it was noble with a hefty dose Of No Fucks Given. He used his personal Instagram account to address the allegations of said “party” that was organized through the gay hookup app Grindr. Instead of denying the allegations, Jacobs admitted to them, labeling himself a human being with a healthy sexual appetite. Then he addressed the NY Post article, that seemed to try to discredit his name, by bringing up his past drug addictions, business ups and downs as well as calling his sexual desires “issues”. This sort of article shows how today’s society is ready to project their own insecurities onto someone else. The acts of Jacobs aren’t limited to just him. Everyone has sex. What about the hey-days of Studio 54?—the stories we’ve all heard about celebrities having their own version of Gomorrah in the disco era club. The difference is Jacobs didn’t deny or stay silent, he admitted to it. Our society seems to be willingly able to judge the lives of others, especially the famously creatives. Absurdly enough the judgmental comments were probably made by individuals not capable of having such longevity in an industry where your light (brand) could diminish instantly, hence the likes of Gloria Vanderbilt and Fiorucci. Never heard of them? Exactly. We are all adept in judgement, it is a common trait. A trait most humans use as a shield to protect themselves. Pastors hide behind their bibles, while stealing and cheating. So the question is, why is this invasion of a person’s privacy plastered for millions to read be opened to criticism from strangers? If those same strangers veils were to be pulled back to reveal a part of their lives they’re not willing for everyone to be aware of, how would they feel? Many of them might say they’re much too smart to be put in that situation. But what Jacobs did was trust and share his love, then another human being felt it was their right to divulge the way Jacobs chose to share himself. Society is corrupted by its own ego and insecurities. The unwanted opinions expressed about a natural, normal act are about the own individual’s ego being fed, while their insecurities decline a bit, because in the moment they feel better about themselves. Besides, orgies have been around for centuries, I mean parties. Get over it and worry about your own glass houses you so willfully pull the drapes of fear and hate to hide behind.

Nike Huarache Utility

The Nike Huarache line has been one of Nike’s must haves recently. The success of the sneaker has seen many interpretations of the model, like this Nike Air Huarache utility. The silhouette shows history in the aesthetic, but is modern in its tape construction on the toe box, as well as Flawier and 3M accents throughout. There’s been some pretty rad color ways of the sneaker this year, this one is a black all over with the tape construction being slightly reflective. White polka dots are splashed on the upper sides down to right before the toes, the branding is done in a bright green that matches the lace loops and a coral dresses the insole, heel and accents the sides slightly.

nike-huarache-utility-black-red-green-available-04 FullSizeRender-26

B.A.U X Puma

Frank The Butcher’s Business as Usual label has got together with Puma to create a special edition B.A.U X Puma Blaze Of Glory “Eat What You Kill” collab. The “Eat What You Kill” name on the heel of the sneaker  was inspired by Frank The Butchers pop-up shop at Gibberish in Boston. The sneaker features a range of colors inspired by fast foot, theres a grey and black base upper, with red and orange accents and white dealing throughout. The sneaker is a mixture of leather and suede materials, and comes with alternate laces.

bau-puma-blaze-of-glory-eat-what-you-kill-4 FullSizeRender-25


Available at both rime locations.

Horween Leathers Stan Smith

Horween Leather Company produces handmade leathers, using vegetable tanning techniques they’v cultivated over the last century. Adidas and Horween have come together to refresh the classic Stan Smith. The upper of the shoe is a deconstructed single piece leather, with over-cast stitching heel detail and the Adidas branding in gold foil featured on both the tongue and heel. The iconic sneaker is updated with detailed design.FullSizeRender-24 adidas-stan-smith-horween-leather-pack-4 adidas-stan-smith-horween-leather-pack-9 FullSizeRender-23


Both the mid and regular styles are available at rime.

3sixteen Fall/Winter 2015

3sixteen is a New York label manufactured in San Francisco.  There latest drop for fall incoporates fabrics from Japan along with the label’s signature denim. Their denim is known for withstanding the anything, lasting forever. Standout pieces for the Fall collection includes the waxed canvas Stadium Jacket in charcoal or tan. The indigo dyed flannel over-shirt and the checkered crosscut top which is made of triple brushed, heavy weight flannel. The denim jacket is also an essential piece, especially with their denim’s reputation. The aesthetic is effortless, with a no-care vibe, it’s definitely a blend of NYC and San Francisco. 

3sixteen-2015-fall-winter-lookbook-09 3sixteen-2015-fall-winter-lookbook-010 3sixteen-2015-fall-winter-lookbook-07 3sixteen-2015-fall-winter-lookbook-05 3sixteen-2015-fall-winter-lookbook-04 3sixteen-2015-fall-winter-lookbook-02

Back to the Future Day

Happy Back to the Future day! Both movie buffs and sneakerheads alike have waited years for the day Marty McFly’s self lacing Nikes would become a thing of the present.
Watch Micheal J Fox step into the past by trying on his pair!
Pairs will be auctioned off this coming Spring and all proceeds will go straight to The Micheal J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, in hopes of helping Parkinson’s be a thing of the past.

WBW:Rita Ora X Adidas

Rita Ora and Adidas seem to have a good relationship, the latest collab drop by the duo is their seventh. The latest Palanetary Power and Cosmic Confession packs continue the futuristic theme from the Space Shifter pack. The Planetary pack features a custom Adidas Originals badge that combines the brand’s three stripes logo and trefoil in red,white and blue set against the pack’s monochromatic color scheme. The footwear are a nod to classic Adidas originals styles—the superstar and Honey get a chunky moonlit effect, heightened by the monochromatic application and Planetary Power custom space-race badge. The collection features both high and low tops, both with crocodile accents. The Cosmic Confession pack is inspired by vintage space suits and sportswear. Breaking up the monochromatic-ness seen in the Planetary Power pack is the use of yellow. The classic Stan Smiths and ZX are part of the pack, but the Superstar Up gets a moon boot look with oversized padded velcro straps. Some of the apparel from both packs take on a ’90s club kid vibe, but leave it up to Adidas to make that not seem like a bad thing—they’re definitely updated, just like the classic footwear.

rita-ora-adidas-cosmic-confession-pack-3 rita-ora-adidas-cosmic-confession-pack-2 rita-ora-adidas-originals-planetary-power-pack-3 rita-ora-adidas-originals-planetary-power-pack-2 rita-ora-adidas-originals-planetary-power-pack-1 adidas-originals-by-rita-ora-mystic-moon-pack-for-fall-winter-2015-0 rita-ora-adidas-cosmic-confession-pack-1 Rita-Oras-new-ad-campaign adidas-originals-by-rita-ora-mystic-moon-pack-01-780x520

Adidas X Star Wars

adidas-originals-star-wars-force-awakens-13 adidas-originals-star-wars-force-awakens-15 adidas-originals-star-wars-force-awakens-14 adidas-originals-star-wars-force-awakens-11 adidas-originals-star-wars-force-awakens-10 adidas-originals-star-wars-force-awakens-051 adidas-originals-star-wars-force-awakens-09 adidas-originals-star-wars-force-awakens-08 adidas-originals-star-wars-force-awakens-06 adidas-originals-star-wars-force-awakens-03 adidas-originals-star-wars-force-awakens-04 adidas-originals-star-wars-force-awakens-02Adidas and their great marketing team are at it again, this time it’s the Star Wars franchise. The release of the latest of the Star Wars movies will happen this holiday season and Adidas has something for the die hard fans. Although most Star Wars branded products can be a bit childish, that isn’t the case with The Force Awakens pack by Adidas. The pack includes models, Tubular, Supastar and ZX Flux. Each sneaker takes symbolism from the film and applies them to enhance each style. The Tubular runner takes on the Storm Trooper, while the Superstar and Zx Flux highlights characters from the film as well as flame graphics. The Tubular are the chicest of the pack, but although the others aren’t so much, they’re still a stylish option for any Star Wars fanatic.


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