Staple Fall 2015

Staple’s Fall collection stays true to the brand’s street-wear aesthetic, with a graphic heavy collection inspired by professional sports. Bright, bold colors are infused into familiar pieces. Although a diverse amount of the collection are sportswear themed, there are also some military inspired pieces. The pieces are made by using design techniques such as space dyes, camouflage, embossing, tapered zipper trims and appliqué. The collections look-book features dancers snapped in B-Boy positions. The collection ranges from nylon jackets and graphic tees to layered hoodies and paneled sweatpants. The stand out pieces are the racing inspired finish line jacket with matching sweatpants. The Neon Renown and Lucky 7 long-sleeved tees designs are inspired by sneakers. The collection is rounded out by slim straight distressed jeans and embroiled snap backs and bucket hats.

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ZDDZ is a British based womenswear brand that views ready-to-wear as a form of street art, using social and political issues while reflecting life as an urbanite.Designer Dash Selyanova worked for Mel Ottenberg—stylist to Rihanna—before starting ZDDZ. The brand utilizes quotes from news headlines and advertising slogans, elegantly mixed by graphic designs inspired by road markings and construction signs.  Each collection takes inspiration from work wear and military uniform. The stand out pieces are also comfortable and functional. The latest collection for fall is inspired by 90′s Hip-Hop and teenage girl rebellion, with slogans that the ZDDZ girl can work hard and do it all on her own. Relax! Check out the fall collection below.

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WBW: Married To The MOB Fall/Winter 2015

Married To The Mob’s latest cookbook features the Clermont twins, currently on the Bad Girls Club. The twins exude a sense of MTTM—sexual confidence and mischievousness. The collection is inspired by the back-to-school season, ranging from bold tees, coordinated athletic-gear, like a Namaste B*tch yoga set and coordinated track suits. MTTM doesn’t disappoint, they continue to splatter the clothing with their unique sayings. With a little nod to nostalgia, the collection features a tee with Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson from a scene from the cult classic movie Kids. Even the woven button downs’s are plastered with the phrase Don’t Hold Your Breath. This might be first collection that MTTM has delivered a grown up pieces, which is the mini-dress, yet it is still kept very MTTM by the Bad Motherf*&ker  printed on the chest. The coache’s jacket is a sleek piece of streetwear, made from premium fabric, with ribbing at the wrists and the MTTM logo at the back, along with 212 over the left breast. The collection is true MTTM status.

Clermont Twins shot by Sais TV married-to-the-mob-2015-fall-winter-lookbook-clermont-twins-fashion-10 married-to-the-mob-2015-fall-winter-lookbook-clermont-twins-fashion-2 Clermont Twins shot by Sais TV Clermont Twins shot by Sais TV Clermont Twins shot by Sais TV



PUMA continues their relationship with McQ by Alexander McQueen for fall 2015. The collection features some of PUMA’s iconic silhouettes such as the Disc Blaze and Lance Disc. The season’s aesthetic continues from last season’s prosthetic theme, resulting in futuristic looks. Molded plastic shells, metallic structures and multicolored cables are motifs throughout, complete with premium leather, reflective materials and bright colors. A contrast of finishes blends McQ’s fashion-forward aesthetic with PUMA’s innovative sportswear—which allows the collection to be dressed up or down.



puma-mcq-by-alexander-mcqueen-fall-winter-2015-09-960x640 puma-mcq-by-alexander-mcqueen-fall-winter-2015-16-960x640 puma-mcq-by-alexander-mcqueen-fall-winter-2015-36-960x640 puma-mcq-by-alexander-mcqueen-fall-winter-2015-18-960x640 puma-mcq-by-alexander-mcqueen-fall-winter-2015-35-960x640

F.E.S Brooklyn

Attention all young sneaker fans and basketball lovers, F.E.S Brooklyn is the new program for you! F.E.S Brooklyn has three core areas (Fitness, Education, and Sports) aimed to help educate kids ages 10-15 on personal wellbeing, explore different types of industries pertaining to fitness and sports, and hone their athletic abilities (with a primary focus on basketball). The interdisciplinary program is run by a staff of ‘parents’ that specialize in various aspects of the core and industries (including our friend Sean Williams from Obsessive Sneaker Disorder).
More information regarding the upcoming program can be found on their website here:


F.E.S Brooklyn is the perfect program to compliment the upcoming school year!

Wil Fry Fall 2015

Wil Fry’s Fall 2015 collection is a big change from his earlier work. Fry started his career by poking fun at the fashionistas of Tumblr, from behind his computer screen, while inviting them to get in on the joke by buying his limited-edition pieces. Through releases of of over-branded and screen printed clothes, he made a streetwear aesthetic described as troll fashion. The troll fashion aesthetic was a budding time for Fry, as the Tumblr generation clamored to get one of his infamous satirical pieces. He earned a spot in a New York Times piece on Branding. Lately Fry has seemed to have grown up, venturing into the territory of proper, un-ironic clothing. The collection consists of hoodies, T-shirts, and double-layer shorts—excluding any definite branding. The fall collection has a minimalist appeal, with read-fit shirts, outerwear and thermals, all in neutrals. The collection seems to be at the far end of the spectrum of the aesthetic chain that made him a Tumblr-cult-sensation.

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WBW: Jacquemus

Simon Porte is the designer of the line Jacquemus. Season after season Jacquemus has went from commercial to conceptualism. The 25 year old worked at the Commes des Garcon Paris store two years ago. His collections exude avant-garde influence, most likely from his former employer Rei Kawakubo of Commes de Garcon. His collections have incorporated porthole and strap construction, the shirtsleeves sewn onto the front of a dress—an off kilter aesthetic reminiscent of Kawakubo. For his latest collection, Pre-Fall 2015, there’s a vibe of seriousness. The neutral color palette of white, navy and charcoal are perfect to showcase his off-kilter tailoring. Suit jackets are asymmetrical and white poplin button downs fall off the shoulder and topped with a ribbed knit tube. Jacquemus pieces could be best suited worn separately, like the coat with the big buckle. And if you take the baggy pajama pants and turtleneck sweater with the bra top over it apart, each piece could be used for a much less statement look. The pieces of the current collection are much more timeless than his previous collections. Every season theres something different, it’ll be interesting to see what he does next.

Jacquemus_012_1366 Jacquemus_006_1366 Jacquemus_002_1366 Jacquemus_003_1366 Jacquemus_013_1366 Jacquemus_005_1366

Rime Raffle: Yeezy Boost 350!

Rime Yeezy Boost 350 Raffle


Today we are doing a raffle for the upcoming Yeezy Boost 350 release in both of our stores. Visit Rime East from 2pm-5pm & Rime Brooklyn from 4pm-6pm for a chance to reserve a pair. One entry/pair per person and you must have a valid ID to qualify for raffle. Good luck!


AMXANDER is an Australian menswear brand that gives menswear a modern twist by mixing traditional design with new textures and techniques. The brand’s collections are based around themes instead of being seasonal collections. Their clothes are of classic menswear silhouettes, like tee shirts and sweatshirts, while each collection uses distinct prints, textiles and other techniques to create the theme that the collection is named after. With collections revolving around digital manipulation or a houndstooth motif, the clothes always feel fresh and wearable. The brand uses different media forms to create prints, from paint to water color, while focusing on texture in the fabrics. Oversized also seems to be a strong aesthetic for the brand. Their denim hooded coats and denim tee-shirts with elasticated waistbands are stylishly fashion forward. AMXANDER is creating clothes as a self expression, to give men bold streetwear basics.

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adidas Gives Stan Smith An Update

The Stan Smith is a classic sneaker that works with everything. adidas Originals have created a new take on the iconic footwear for Fall. The sneaker will come in a mid version. The Stan Smith since its release in 1971 has always been sold as a low. The design sticks to the classic look of the original—white leather with colored heel, matching branding on the tongue, and an off white sole. There are three color ways, the original white and green,  black and snake in the classic placement of colors, while the white and snake color way placement is a bit more over the top with the snake print taking over the inner half of the shoe. Although the update adds some energy to the classic, the functionality of the classic has its roots as a tennis shoe.

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