More Vashtie X Puma

Puma and Vashtie have released additional images for their second collaboration for Fall 2015. The last collection had unisex pieces, but the fall line is just for the ladies. Jersey tops, dresses and the must have varsity jacket is a mix of tomboy and high fashion aesthetic with a dash of a 90s vibe, very Vashtie.


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Delacier is a Hunagrian jewelry brand that combines modern technology with traditional technique without compromising the wearability of their pieces. The line is marked by the interesting base shapes that are renewed every season. The string art pattern of every piece is particular in its design which makes each piece unique for the wearer. Each collection is timeless, effortless and a sophisticated marriage with elegance. The futurist line of the brand, like couture I guess, have extreme fashion pieces not meant for everyday use. The line’s latest collection, ASPERITY, was inspired by Pollock’s dripping technique. Textures are created on the surfaces of the jewelry and accessories with welding. The dripping-layered-style technique is unique to every piece, of course. The texture against the clean brushed steel is a great juxtaposition. Check out some of the latest pieces below.

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The New Chuck Taylor

The iconic Chuck Taylor has had its first makeover in 98 years, and was launched today. Over the span of two years, Converse conducted a survey to find out what the consumer likes and dislikes about the Chuck Taylor, comfort and innovation were the top priorities. The Nike-owned Converse comes equipped with upgraded Lunarlon sock-liner, premium higher grade canvas, suede lining, foam padded collar and embroidered All Star branding. The design update also comes with an updated price. The new shoes come in black, red, blue and white in both high and low styles, with the high priced at $75 and low at $70.


RIME Is On Mtv…

their blog that is. The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum has been a big hit, and the Sole Sister panel has garnered some press after its own success. Head over to MTV to see what RIME’s founder had to say about the presence of females needs in the sneaker industry.

Air Max 95 Resurrection

Nike is resurrecting the Air Max 95 neon color-way to celebrate its 25th birthday. The silhouette is completely old school, with the signature upper panel in shades of grey, black midsole and hints of neon green throughout, including embroiled branding. As well as neon green visible Max Air units. This classic will be available in limited quantities at both RIME locations.


The New Balance Tartan Collection

Tartan is a print that goes in and out of trend fluidly, from skinny punk trousers to sweaters. Inspired by the Scottish kilts, New Balance is expanding their women’s range by adding the 999 and 1600 models to be included  in the tartan collection for the summer. New Balance uses the tartan print in fresh way, giving the throwback print a streetwear vibe. The sneakers feature a premium suede upper, with hints of tartan on the toe, tongue and ankle. 

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Available at both RIME locations.

It’s Happening!


WBW: The Fifth Label

The Fifth [label] is an Aussie brand that exudes cool. Their pieces are versatile, and utilize original prints and denim in a fresh way. Their latest look book for the collection titled Hide Out, takes on a 70s vibe with pollers pants and jumpsuits. The polka dots and floral print pieces add a little playfulness. The collection’s pieces are versatile enough to go from effortless daytime cool to night-time-sleek-edge. The vibe of the look-book is one of carefree wandering goodness, which is a perfect match for the clothes.

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Sneakers As Art.

This past Thursday, the Brooklyn Museum finally unveiled Th Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit. Since the announcement of the exhibition, sneaker culture/heads have been getting a bit of hype on mainstream standards. Sneakers can be connected to history, as the exhibition shows how athletes wore sneakers that held monumental significance—like being the first women or african american to be endorsed by a shoe company. Today Style, online blog for the Today Show, talked to the curator of the exhibition. Go here for more on how sneakers are culturally important, or why this exhibit is relevant.


Dunk360 Stops By RIME For A Chat.

Dunk360 came by RIME and had a little chat with owner Sue. She discusses her inspiration for her collab with Reebok, the Diamond Ventilators. And her prospective as a woman in the sneaker industry. To see what she had to say, check it out here or below.



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