Azealia Banks Does Playboy

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The Harlem born raptress was shot by Ellen Von Unwerth, the photos are just as good as the interview. The 23 year old has never been shy from voicing her opinion. If you follow her on twitter you know what I mean. There is also that very honest and emotional interview with Hot 97 late last year, if you haven’t listened or viewed it, do so now. Many might call her controversial, but she is a girl with opinions and beliefs coupled with an immense amount of fearlessness. In the Playboy interview Banks talks about past relationships. She talks about a relationship with a 42 year old man while she was 17 and blatantly says “There’s something very wrong with a man that age who wants to date a 17-year-old girl.” Then discusses how she didn’t even know how to shave her bush, perfect Playboy talk. She talks about her upbringing, America and race without any filter. Which is quite refreshing, many celebrities fear to discuss such subjects because it might affect their sales as an artist. Azealia is confident in her rants, that what she has to say is important enough for everyone to hear. The way she talks about history specifically black history shows she is smart and aware; “The history textbooks in the U.S. are the worst if you’re not white. “The white man gave you the vote. He Christianized you and taught you how to speak English. If it weren’t for him, you’d still be living in a hut.” I could write a book about why black people shouldn’t be Christians. Young black kids should have their own special curriculum that doesn’t start from the boat ride over from Africa. All you know as a black kid is we came over here on a boat, we didn’t have anything, and we still don’t have anything. But what was happening in Africa? What culture were we pulled away from? That information is vital to the survival of a young black soul.” That quote is thoughtful, provocative yes, but smart. You can also tell the pain that she feels for any young person not fully aware of their ancestry “…vital to the survival of a young black soul.” With all the issues of race in the spotlight lately, these words should be highlighted for everyone.