Women’s Blog Wednesday

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Rime’s Female Sneaker Collector of the week is our very own contributor known as @kixiejixie on IG and Twitter. 

A little girl grew up in Bushwick, Brooklyn in the 1980s with a father who was a local hip hop DJ and a mother who loved sneakers. By the age of 6 she knew what Adidas, Puma, Etonics, Ellessee, LA Gear, British Knights, Reebok and Nike Jordans were and had various types of sneakers from these brands. That was the beginning of the woman we know today as @kixiejixie on social media. Growing up, Jixie was very clumsy and her mother didn’t allow her to wear shoes out of fear that she might break her ankle. At a time when there was no social media or brand presence outside of MTV, Jixie traveled all over New York City to find sneakers and eventually created relationships with several stores and brands. Jixie states “It was very easy to get sneakers in the 1990s and even put Jordans on layaway”. The one thing Jixie emphasizes was having variety in what she bought and not being a “brandhead”. At a young age, she became enamored with the technical design and biometrics of footwear; she began to study this in order to understand sneakers differently. Before graduating high school, her foot out grew grade school size sneakers. This opened doors to so many sneakers that males could wear but females could not. Today, Jixie has lost count after 1,000+ pairs of sneakers. She promotes equality for women who love sneakers and unity amongst female sneaker heads. Keep up with Jixie on social media and the Rime Journal to see pieces of her collection and discuss topics that are important to women in kicks!



Jixie and her collection