A.P.C Controversy Causes Partnership With Timberland To Go Bye Bye

Following A.P.C’s showing of their Timberland collaboration in Paris earlier this week, head of the A.P.C brand Jean Touitou held a sign that read “Last Ni$$@& in PARIS”. He then proceeded to speak and this is the drivel that came out of his mouth to explain the sign: “in the ghetto, it is all the Timberlands, all the big chain” He later tried to defend his comments by saying “I am friends with Kanye…When I came up with this idea, I wrote him, with the picture of the look and the name I was giving to it ad he wrote back immediately saying something like, ‘I love this vibe.’”

Timberland responded by canceling their collaboration with A.P.C and issuing a statement “Yesterday we became aware of the offensive remarks made by Jean Touitou during his A.P.C. Fall Menswear show in Paris. We have chosen to immediately terminate our involvement with the A.P.C. brand, including the footwear collaboration we had planned for this fall. Simply stated, this kind of language and approach is in complete contrast with our values. Timberland seeks to collaborate with designers and brands who are at the forefront of lifestyle trends; equally important, they must also share our values. We will not tolerate offensive language or racial slurs of any kind being associated with the Timberland brand.” Bravo Timberland.

Although the US has been recently struggling with violent and racial policing, the fashion industry as usual seems to be oblivious to these issues. Paris has a history of race and religious-related conflicts, you’d think that a person like Touitou would be aware of using such a problematic statement in a public setting, plastering it on posters none the less.

This act is a disgusting approach of appropriation. Which is why Kanye’s alleged part in this stunt is sort of weird. Over the years he himself has  spent time appropriating high fashion for himself, peers and fans. Making a comment on a place where his peers and himself were at a time not welcomed. His song “Ni**as In Paris” celebrates the door opening to such acts and culture. It’ll be interesting to see what the usually outspoken Kanye will have to say about this. 


Only One

Yesterday Kanye west released a video for the song Only One, which he collaborated with Paul McCartney (The Beatles) on. The Spike Jonze directed video has no fancy lighting or back up dancers. Instead it’s just West playing with his daughter North, and I must be honest that is the main reason why I decided watch the video. Little Nori is absolutely adorable playing with your dad. It seems as though she has no idea that she is part of a music video. The organic interaction between the father and daughter might make anyone’s mascara run. And how about the style that this toddler posses, her oversized parka is chic as hell. Check out the video at Kanyewest.comtumblr_niybk0Pnd21qa4iv8o2_500 tumblr_niybk0Pnd21qa4iv8o4_500

Sneaker Storage, Say What!

Most sneaker-heads like to keep their kicks pristine. Whether its in plastic storage shelves or in the original boxes stacked on top of each other. An Instagram user, simply called Woodist,  from the Uk has taken his love of sneakers and carpentry, combined them and took it to another level. He creates shelves that mimic the look of the Nike sportswear  and  Air Jordan 3 sneaker boxes. The shelves are built from scratch and come with hinges that allow the boxes to open like a real shoe box. There is even one for the ladies that resemble Christian Louboutin shoe boxes. The Woodist accepts orders for the custom made storage boxes, which holds 16 pairs of  sneakers up to a size 13. They cost 300GBP, which is around 450USD. They’re a bit pricey but for custom work, and I mean come on they are pretty rad, its worth it. 
photo 2photo photo 1

Staple X Timberland

Staple has done another collaboration, this time with iconic boot brand Timberland. The collection is called Polar Night. Polar Night is a natural oddity, its when night lasts for 24 hours in parts of the world that connect in the polar circles, usually in places such as Finland and Antartica. So it’s just right that the three piece collection are all black. The GT Scramble hiking boot is made with leather and Helcor —a material that is cuff free, waterproof and stab resistant, although I don’t know why anyone would think about stabbing a foot. The Lace Ox is inspired by Timberland’s Abington Cap Toe Oxford and features Helcor on the the toe and a zipper placed in the inner part of the foot. There’s the Nordic field boot which is a nod to a 90s hiker boot. All three boast discreet branding of both Timberland’s tree logo and the Staple pigeon. They also have white at the soles and Staple’s signature pink throughout.IMG_7142 IMG_7151

GT Scramble hiking boot

IMG_7146 IMG_7147

Lace Ox

IMG_7154 IMG_7150

Nordic Field Boot

Adidas Superstar Sneaker Design Session 1/24-1/25

Last weekend, Sean Williams of OSD (Obsessive Sneaker Disorder) hosted a design session on the history of the famous Adidas Superstar ‘shell toe’ at the Adidas Original’s Store on Wooster Street. The Adidas Superstar is now 45 years old, and Williams went into the backstory of the cultural and historical significance of the shoe over this period of time. The audience was even able to create their own twist on the classic by entering a design competition, in which the winning design can be made into a reality. We are looking forward to seeing what design wins!
The event was a great celebration of sneaker history, a fun way to look back at one of the classics that we know and love.

Free The Nipple.

s413672919339323194_p2_i5_w2560-650x331Free the nipple has become a movement. After that moment when the queen of Instagram herself, Rihanna, lost her account for posting a topless photo taken for the French magazine Lui. Since then many celebrities have joined the movement that is, Free The Nipple. Scout Willis, badass daughter of Bruce and Demi, walked around New York City and documented it for Twitter. Ironically going topless for a woman in New York is legal, but it isn’t allowed on Instagram. Thirty-five states seem to feel the same as Instagram. In Louisiana a topless woman can be sentenced to jail for up to three years as well as a fine. So why are these women wanting to free their nipples? It’s body politics. These women feel it is their right to bare their chests just as a man, they’re fighting against the double standard. The opposing argument seems to be that men are stimulated by a woman’s breasts, but aren’t women stimulated by a man’s chest just the same. The law against women’s nipple is to protect the men. The law says that a woman who walks down the street topless is asking for attention or even rape, well maybe not in those exact words, but it is. We live in a rape culture where men think if a woman walks down the street in a tight short dress that she’s asking for it. But what about those women who aren’t allowed to breastfeed in public? The issue is women want the same rights as a man. It isn’t fair for these women to feel shamed. The nipple is essentially related to equality.

In the 1930s, men’s nipples were just as taboo as women’s are now. Around that time a group of male friends went topless at Coney Island and were arrested. Men continued to protest and eventually were heard, changing not only the law but social consciousness. And now a man’s bare chest is the norm. So why can’t a mother breastfeed her child in public without feeling sexualized? 

On a hot summer day of 1991 in Canada, men took their shirts off to cool down. A woman decided to do the same. Someone complained, and she was arrested. The judge told her that her breasts  were sexually arousing to men and shouldn’t be exposed. She was found guilty. Since 96 women in Ontario have acquired the right to be topless in public. And no Canadian woman has been charged for doing so since then. But Canadian women aren’t walking around topless. Maybe because it’s cold. But at least these women are able to exercise that right if they choose. So who’s moving to Canada until America gets their shit togethernipple

On The Hunt For Female Bloggers.

There aren’t many outlets out there for women interested in street-wear. Most of the blogs cater to women. At rime we don’t think anyone should be left out. So, we’re looking for bad ass female bloggers for our Women’s Wednesdays. To discuss topics in and about sneaker and street-wear culture from your persepective. Could be praise or frustrations. Have something to say? Contact adane@rimenyc.com with links to your blog and for more info.
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Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue

Vans has been a staple in SoCal’s sneaker culture since the late 60′s. The Sk8-Hi Reissue is a lace up inspired by the classic Old Skool sneaker. It has been reissued with the classic vintage sensibility and boasts a durable suede and canvas upper, metal eyelets, a supportive and padded ankle, with the signature Vans vulcanized outsole. This classic is built to take on kick-flips and grinds a skater is willing to put them through. But also appropriate for drinks at your favorite dive bar. IMG_6891 IMG_6918

Nike Air Python Premium


The Air Python silhouette took inspiration from the Air Jordan 2 and Air Force 2 to create a fashionable look. The new Air python has little padding in the collar and tongue to create a superior fit. With the latest style featuring an all over embossed snakeskin upper, which is clearly a nod to the Air Python’s most alluring feature. A white midsole and sail accents over the laces, collar lining and eyelets blend in with the snakeskin’s nature tones, complete with a gum rubber sole. This sneaker is perfect for any sneaker lover looking to dress up an outfit.IMG_6888 940x953q80

Kevin Durant KD7 Road Camo

Although camo is associated with blending in, the KD7 Road Camo print does the opposite.  The back and sides of the heel is adorned with what seems to be a magnified interpretation of a camo print. There is a solid color strap across the upper front of the sneaker. The Swoosh logo takes on an art deco print, similar to the dizzying strips of a zebra. The hyperposite heel is also lightning inspired. In January, every road game counts. It’s the home stretch. Kevin Durant loves playing on the road, where it’s his team against the world. The lagoon-blue color way releases tomorrow. unnamed-2 unnamed-5 unnamed-3 unnamed-6

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