Rime Low Down: All-Star Weekend 2013

It’s that time of year again and All-Star Weekend is right around the corner. Sure the Super Bowl is coming up this weekend which is also exciting and what not but for the sake of this post lets fast forward past that. We at Rime decided to give you the low down on the good events so that you you don’t miss a thing.


Thursday, Feb 14th

8pm – Heat vs. Thunder

10:30pm – Clipper vs. Lakers


Friday, Feb 15th

12pm – Hall of Fame Announcements

7pm – All-Star Celebrity Game **

9pm – BBVA Rising Stars Challenge (Selected by Shaq & Charles Barkley)


Saturday, Feb 16th

3pm – D-League All Star Game

8:30pm – NBA All-Star Night **

(Shooting Stars, Skills Challenge, Three-Point Contest, Slam Dunk Contest)


Sunday, Feb 17th

6pm – Sprint Pregame Concert

8pm – NBA All-Star Game **


There are more events and realistically you’ll probably only watch about 1 or 2 of these but I’d try not to miss the ones with a ” ** ” but that’s just us.


P.S. Have you seen Nike’s take on All-Star Weekend?  ;)

Ewing 33 HI retro “Orange Suede” / “NYC Orange”

What do you think about the new colorway? Stay tuned for release info!

Ab-Soul “Terrorist Threats” ft. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko

Great song, greater message.

Theo Martins – “KILLER” Ft. Maryan Vasquez

Some Jams for your Friday morning.


Rime x Female Sneaker Fiend x Sneakerbox: The Revolution (Event)

Click Photo for High Res Image.


Rime x Female Sneaker Fiend x Sneakerbox have teamed up for The Revolution. Next Thursday at our Brooklyn Location we will be hosting an event full music, live art, cocktails, and ladies talking kicks! Guys are welcomed too!

Female Sneaker Fiend, started by Lori Lobenstine, is a movement dedicated to the voice of women in the sneaker world. Sneakerbox is a Boston based mobile retail truck run by two females, Tiffany and Angela. So the event came together quite naturally seeing as our owner here at Rime, Susan Boyle (not the singer), is also female. Something rare in the industry, but nonetheless a voice that needs to be heard!


Date: 1/31/13  (Next Thursday)

Location: 157 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY

Time: 7pm -9pm

For More Info Call: 718-797-0675


P.S.: We still need a female DJ!?

An Ode To: The Lo-Lifes

Over the past weekend I was able to attend a dope event at the Highline Ballroom featuring New York’s infamous Lo-Lifes. Prior to attending I had no clue as to how rich the culture of the Polo Ralph Lauren aficionados was, but within 3 minutes I felt like an outsider to an inside joke. It was full of Love, Loyalty, and a bunch of people who would have probably jumped me for my gear 10 years ago but there was still a sense of home. Not because I knew a single person there but because at the end of the day, it was just a bunch of guys (and girls) just trying to be fly like the rest of us. Rime is about that life.


Khary Durgans,




P.S.: I encourage you to look up their story!

Joe Budden Freestyle on First Take

In a world where rappers rarely freestyle any more there are a selected few… and in a suit.

Wale – “Never Never”


Check our OSD family out on the the current status of the sneaker game from a global perspective.

The Harlem GLC: Teyana Taylor Reps Her Town

The Harlem Good Luck Charm is a collaboration sneaker between Adidas Originals and First Lady of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music Teyana Taylor. The Harlem singer and actress may be most known for her appearance on MTV’S “My Super Sweet 16″ in 2007 while being signed to Startrak/Interscope records.

Now young TT is all grown up and ready to take over the world, Harlem style. Taylor had added her signature style to the GLC line up, part of the all new adidas Originals women’s footwear collection. Rumored to be available for pre-order, Teyana herself has said it will be available February 15th just in time for All Star Weekend (and Valentines day if you celebrate that type of stuff).


As soon as thegirlfromRime showed me these I lost my mind! Finally something for the ladies that isn’t pink, paisley or sparkly! Some of the guys were jealous and someone said it looked like a “Queen Roach” but thats okay lol I am really looking forward to this shoe. Great job Tey! Stay tuned for more updates as we near the release!

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