Happy Holidays Brats!

Have a safe holiday from all of us at Rime.
Just a reminder we will be closed Christmas day but will return to normal hours on Dec. 26th.

Riots Over Sneakers!

When the retro Nike Air Jordan Concords went on sale this Friday in at least a dozen cities the police had to be summoned due to small scale riots. – Let’s get real for a second…

This year we have witnessed people all over the world standing up and fighting for their freedom. In most cases willing to make life-altering sacrifices for what they believe in. But here in the States we riot over a pair of sneakers that cost around $12.00 to make in a factory in China. What a strange juxtaposition here in the United States, people that are free are rioting for oppression from material objects. Think about it.

Basquiat’s Birthday

Today mark’s what would have been the iconic artist 51st birthday!

Recommend viewing – The Radiant Child.

How To Make It In America Cancelled

HBO on Tuesday officially confirmed that the second season of How to Make It in America will be its last. I was never too into the show so it’s no sweat off my brow. I was always to busy watching Bored to Death…what?…that was canceled as well? F*%K!

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Stage Whisper

You own it to yourself to pick up Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new album, Stage Whisper. Amazing!

So the Countdown Begins…

Ridley Scott returns to the genre he redefined with his new science fiction thriller, PROMETHEUS. Below are his past efforts into the world of Sci-fi…

Alien (1979)

Blade Runner (1982)
If your not a fan of either of them we can’t be friends.


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…but WTF!

Adidas X Jeremy Scott ‘Teddy Bears’ O.G.

Lights Out

Kim Jong-il, North Korean Dictator, Dies!
Standing at at 5-foot-3, Kim was a curious figure with his bouffant hairdo, platform shoes and collection of jumpsuits. And let’s not forget those sick sunglasses as well. His death leaves world a little more hopeful…

EMU Trunk Show: Saturday, Dec.17th @ Rime

EMU Australia is a Australian born, based, and owned brand that has passionately produced the world’s finest Australian sheepskin and Merino wool products for over 15 years.

From humble beginnings the EMU Australia brand emerged out of The Jackson Tannery. Founded in 1948, it was one of the largest sheepskin tanneries in Australia and employed many workers from the local area. Today the factory is located at their global headquarters in Geelong, where they have been making boots since the very beginning.

Originally Sheepskin boots, an iconic Australian product was invented by Aussie surfers to keep their feet warm after a cold surf making it a fashion must-have in recent years. A number of brands have jumped on that wave since and produced their own versions of the boots but not every Sheepskin boot on the market is created equal and that is where EMU Australia stands apart.

SAT: DEC. 17TH, 2011
12:00 – 3:00 pm

Just Saying…

Parks and Recreation is one of the best comedies on T.V. and if you disagree with this feel free to come on down to Rime and let me know. Just be prepared to have that opinion slapped out of your mouth, Swanson style.

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