Aint nuthin but a RIME / A3 / GEMS partyyy


What kind of stuff did you get into when you were younger?  Sports?  Music? Taking more than a few spills on the cement with your skateboard?   I remember taking a Judo class as an after-school program.  In the narrow passage between the bricks of my school and the schoolyard fence, I learned how to pick someone up and throw them over my shoulder, no matter how much they weighed.  I realized then that I could accomplish many things.  I could do whatever I set out to do.


Unfortunately some kids don’t have anything positive to turn to and they end up as powerless victims of the negative influences in their surroundings.  That’s why Rime is proud to support ART ACTION AWARENESS (A3) and their partnership with GIRL EDUCATIONAL AND MENTORING SERVICES (GEMS).  Together, they are working to help young girls in need build confidence, strength, and awareness through a unique Boxing and Arts Program.  The program helps to facilitate a dialogue and the art they create from it becomes a vehicle for these girls to express their discoveries along the way.


Please join our whole Rime familia, A3, GEMS, and our good friend, artist and pro-boxer, Vanessa Chakour.  We will be showcasing a gallery of artwork created from this program and will be receiving donations for the Give The Change Campaign. And if all that wasn’t enough, DJ Moni is spinning. You know where I’ll be from 6-10 this Friday!


A Moment of Silence…

Rime would like to show our respects this Memorial Day to those in uniform by providing our customers with a 20% discount on all apparel from Friday May 22 to Monday May 25. We will also be handing over a 20% discount on anything in the store to anyone who flashes us their Military ID! So if you are without plans this holiday swing through and show some love.

Smugglers Run / Fuct SSDD Transport Bag

Fuct expands their highly sought after SSDD (Same Shit Different Day) line with a new murdered out transport bag. This serious hauler is constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura, which has excellent tear strength and is very abrasion resistant. The interior features a  detachable sleeve that houses various compartments that are perfect for storing bike tools, rubbers, Lotto tickets, and a tall-boy. You can never be too prepared which is why the bag also has a big, reflective Fuct logo slapped across the bottom of it for all you midnight marauders out there.


One reason why you rarely see Fuct’s SSDD collection in the States is because it was never meant for our shores and is exclusive to Japan. But we have managed to smuggle a few of these bags in for our customers and by a few I mean two. So if you are interested in rocking something no else will be this summer, you better act fast so you’re not stuck with a hand-me-down Jansport.

Reebok Berlin

From Jeremy Scott’s recent collaboration with Adidas to the Nike Air Yezzy’s, it seems that almost every company worth their weight in leather has been sticking their tongues out at us as of late.  So it was only a matter of time before Reebok exposed theirs. Enter the Berlin, a new high top silhouette that mimics both the monotone colors and edgy luxury of the city it was named after. So if you’re looking for some tongue action this summer, the Bok’s got you covered.    

Happy Birthday Mark!

Everyone at Rime would like to wish the man that pays our bills a very Happy Birthday!

Keep It Moving / 10 Deep Spring Drop Two

That’s right Brooklyn, warm weather is upon us. So whether you just want to get out and ride or you’re trying to escape the Swine Flu, 10 Deep has got you covered with the second delivery of it’s Spring ’09, Nineteen Ninety-Now!” collection. The collection is a nice departure from the rest of the market that is trying to jump on the fixie bandwagon by slapping a bike part image on a fitted and calling it good. The difference is 10 Deep produces products that are actually functional such as their Keirin Kamikaze cycling cap that is made right here in the grand old U-S-of-A or the vintage-inspired racing jacket that is guaranteed to keep you bone-dry in a downpour.


Be sure to check out the rest of the range as well as read about the inspiration behind the collection after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Snuggle Up To Rime This Spring With The Blanket With Sleeves!

This shit is crack! We just got these in and they are so cozy. I have one on right now as I’m typing this out. Blankets are OK but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside. The Snugzy keeps you totally warm and gives you the freedom to use your hands. Work the remote, use your laptop, or do some shoplifting in total warmth and comfort! Get all this, while looking like Sorcerer Mickey from Disney’s Fantasia. They are available in Royal, Red, and Piss green, but don’t sleep on these because they won’t last long!



Here’s what one of our custies had to say:
“With my Snugzy, surfing the net for porn in the cold winter months is so much more convenient!”
-Colvin, Queens, NY 


Buy 1 Snugzy with Free random Lighter for $199.95 + $79.95 P&H, and Receive a Second Absolutely FREE, Just Pay an Additional $79.95 P&H! There is a limit of 6, suckers.

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