Love Awareness Program / FUCT 2009 Spring – Summer Collection


Out of all the brands that we have had the honor of hustling at Rime, FUCT is by far the one I have the most personal interest in. So it is with great pleasure to announce that the Spring / Summer 2009 Collection has arrived. We currently have four styles available, but rest assured if you sleep to long on it, you will have a better chance of putting your hands on a pair of Yeezys than on one of these tee’s. They have been in the shop less than two days and our run on the smaller sizes is already starting to dwindle.


For the past 18 years I have been following artist/graffiti writer Erik Brunetti (aka Den One) as he’s built and rebuilt his empire. I was introduced to FUCT’s subversive designs on my first trip to LA back in 91 through a friend who was involved with X-Large at the time. Immediately I was drawn to the brands graphics which took their inspiration from Vietnam, the Second World War, Rock ‘n’ Roll icons, the Mob and Planet Of The Apes (which, by the way, preceded Bape by 3 years). Speaking of which, more than a few other streetwear brands have borrowed FUCT’s style and ideas over the past two decades. I read an interview once asking Erik how felt about this? His answer was “Well, none of them have offered to pay my rent yet.” He went on to say, “That kind of unacknowledged dishonesty deserves to be exposed to the generations of streetwear fans who buy into these meaningless products devoid of any sense of values – except commercial values of course! – and that conveys a monotone message of cultural ignorance, all in the name of fashion.” They say that imitation is probably the finest form of flattery, but I’m sure seeing your ideas reappear under another person’s credit is not exactly a thrill ride.

 Some people say the the meaning of ‘street’ has long been lost, which I would have to agree with to a certain extent. Somewhere along the line it’s become more about the product instead of self-expression and desire to belong to a movement or a cause–something bigger than life, not bigger than your wallet. But since I don’t make my own t-shirt’s, rocking one by FUCT is the next best thing.