On Your Marks, Get Set, D’OH!

Kidrobot has teamed up with The Simpsons, one of the greatest animated families in the history of T.V.  Since Matt Groening’s show first debuted on the Fox Network back 1989 it has gone on to become the longest running American sitcom in history. The show has broadcasted over 421 episodes, is in it’s 20th season, has won 24 Emmy Awards, and Time magazine declared it the 20th century’s best television series ever. But you know you have truly arrived when Paul Budnitz decides to team up with you and bring your favorite Springfield citizens to vinyl in one of Kidrobot’s biggest mini series yet!


The collection consist of 24 different characters in all, including 3 chases! From Homer to Bart to Sideshow Bob, all the usual suspects are here, including a few surprises.


These 3 inch icons are available now at Rime but run, don’t walk, since they are going fast.


Two German powerhouses were brought together to produce a special case to accompany the R3 sunglasses from Recon. What the Munich based technical brand Acronym and accessories maker Bagjack came up with is hands-down one of the best eyewear cases on the market. Hell, I even picked up an extra one just to use with my Nokia. They’re calling it the R3-P2 and it’s constructed primarily of black, heavy-duty nylon, which is accented by a military olive webbing that extends the entire length of the wraparound flap and is secured by a hidden metal snap. The case is available now, but supplies are very limited.


Spies Like Us

For over a year now both rumors and images have been slowly leaking out about a top-secret project simply called R3. The project has finally been declassified and I have been briefed that Recon designer Jared Liner has been working alongside Richard Walker to bring together a collection of artists and designers to create a unique luxury sunglasses collection. Sometimes we all have to turn to the darkside in order to see the light and R3 has created the absolute best tools for that mission. The first release from the line was designed by the artist Futura with the frames being handmade in Japan. They come in either black or smoky grey and are accompanied by a custom Acronym pouch, produced by Bagjack out of Berlin 


The R3 sunglasses are limited to 1000 pairs worldwide, 500 in each colorway, and we are sitting on only six of them so don’t hesitate on these. Attempting to track them down later could prove to be mission impossible.


Both colors are available now in-store or if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, give us a buzz. We ship worldwide.

R.I.P. Shea Stadium 1964 – 2008

Today marks the last game to be played by the New York Mets on this Stadium’s historic field.  Thanks for the memories Shea, you will be missed.

Recon Fall Drop 08

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was the Beatles eighth studio album and is often considered their magnum opus, and one of the most influential albums of all time by many critics. The Grammy Award-winning album packaging was created by art director Robert Fraser,  who was one of the leading champions of modern art in Britain in the 1960s and after. It was Fraser’s suggestion to use an established fine artist and he introduced the band to noted British ‘pop’ artist Peter Blake, who, in collaboration with his wife, created the famous cover collage, known as “People We Like”. According to Recon, the concept for this tee was to flip the scene that shows the Beatles, as the Sgt. Pepper band, surrounded by a large group of both fictional and non-fictional misfits, rendered as life sized cut-out figures. As with the original collage, the t-shirt depicts more than 70 notorious characters, which in Recon’s version includes shady athletes, washed-up pop icons, black and white film stars and (my personal favorite) Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle from the film Taxi Driver.


This graphic reminds me of the opening sequence from the 1984 film Red Dawn, directed by John Milius. The movie starts with Soviet & Cuban paratroopers landing on a football field and laying siege on a Colorado high school at the beginning of WWIII, sending a group of teenagers fleeing into the mountains. Armed with only hunting rifles, pistols, and bow & arrows, they end up waging their own guerrilla warfare against the invading Soviet troops….under the banner of ‘Woverines’! You know if this shit actually went down in NY, Brooklynites would provide the biggest beat down anyone would ever witness.


“Me too Frank, me too.”


Crushing the competition and snatching dudes’ girls since 1933, Kong is the original King of NY! All graphics are printed on hard-wearing 100% cotton tee’s. Available now.

La Familia

The photograph above is from Mike O’Meally’s new book, LA FAMILIA, which is being released today by our friends over at Undftd. People may be more familiar with his skate photo’s that have littered the pages of nearly every major skate publication for over the last decade, but having been a huge boxing fan for as long as I can remember, I consider these to be truly in a class by themselves. So if you find yourself in Los Angeles this weekend, I highly recommended heading over to Undefeated on La Brea and checking out Mike’s work, and while your at it grab a book for me. I’m good for it.


 LA FAMILIA – Boxing Photographs by Mike O’Meally available Saturday September 27th at Undftd.

UNDFTD Autumn Drop 1.0

Undefeated’s fall 2008 line up of goods just arrived and will be available for purchase in-store Saturday September 27th. We will also be accepting phone orders so if you see something you need and can’t make it down to the shop, just hit us up and we will take care of you.


FAMILY AFFAIR JACKET – available in black in-store or in white (as shown above) by special request.


15 ROUND TEE – available in black in-store or yellow (as shown above) by special request.


HOLLYWOOD BEANIE - available  in black and blue in-store or in grey (as shown above) by special request.


DURAN TEE - available in-store in grey (as shown above).


ALL STAR U MAN COACHING JACKET - available in red in-store or navy, grey, and black (as shown above) by special request.

Supreme Farse

Declaring that it was time to set “streetwear aside,” powerhouse, skate-brand, Supreme said Wednesday that they would temporarily stop campaigning the promotion of the third installment in their classic “Muppet Series” Tees and seek to delay Fridays release of the shirt in order to help with the economic crisis that is currently dominating the industry. The original asking price for the shirt was $700 billion, but come November people on the street are speculating that the tee can be had for a mere $10 bucks on Canal St.

Ain’t No Half-Stepping…

We should be up and running in no time so be sure to check back soon.

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